ROSEMARY ALCOHOL: Eliminate Cellulite, Varicose Veins, Gout and Muscle Pain! Here’s How to Prepare It…

Cellulite is a contemporary condition consisted of water, cellular waste, and fat that commonly occurs on the thighs and hips. The physical appearance of cellulite is a series of bumps and ripples on the skin. There isn’t a woman in the world which is not affected by this condition; almost 90% of women suffer from it starting at 18 years and over, even though it can appear under the age of 18. The main causes are usually alcohol, caffeine, and processed, fatty and fried foods.

However, many natural practitioners claim that it can be treated efficiently and quite easy by using natural ingredients bought from the nearby grocery or health food store. Have in mind the fact that you need to consult a healthcare expert prior to any use of natural remedy.

Rosemary alcohol is used for treatment of many health issues like the following:

  • Bumps and bruises,
  • Cold and flu,
  • Hair loss,
  • Circulatory problems, varicose veins, heaviness of legs,
  • Cellulite issues,
  • For massage of the neck,
  • Muscle pains, joint pain, sprains, lumbago, and rheumatism.

Rosemary alcohol is considered to be by many experts the best homemade natural solution in the fight against cellulite, normally solely for external usage. This plant can provide you with many benefits and it is easily reachable. It is still widely spread in our forests, gardens which are not contaminated. You can even keep it in a pot in your own home, and use it to make alcohol solution out of it. Before making this solution you have to be sure that the rosemary is not treated with any chemicals or grown in any contaminated areas, or simply you can purchase it in your local health store or pharmacy. It is really easy to make without any time consuming:

Needed ingredients:

  • One sprig of fresh rosemary, leaves and flowers
  • Alcohol (rubbing)
  • 1 glass container

Preparation: It is best to use fresh plant including the leaves and the flowers, you can also use the dried plant, but the results won’t be the same. First, slice the rosemary plant in little pieces. Then, take one glass container where you will put the freshly picked rosemary. Now, since you have filled the container with the rosemary slices, pour 96% alcohol in it, the alcohol which we buy in pharmacy for treating wounds, and close the container. Store the solution in a dark place for 15 days, usually these types of solutions are stored for 40 days, you can do this also, but 15 days are enough.

Use: When the fifteen days have passed, strain the liquid and pour it in a dark glass container. It is used externally on the affected areas. Then, rub your legs, thighs or feet with it before going to sleep. The outcomes will be fantastic, and you will be very much satisfied with your new look. Therefore, share this recipe with your friends and enjoy the amazing results.