This Russian Doctor Has Developed a Natural Solution to Boost Your Immune System in Just 15 Seconds! Here’s how…

Consuming certain fruits and vegetables helps strengthen your immune system, but did you know that there is another technique that can significantly increase the capacity of your natural defenses?

If we love taking hot showers, in reality the cold showers would be much more beneficial for the health.

Ice baths: how to make them?!

Professor Sergei Bubnovskiy says that 15 seconds a day of foot bath with ice water would boost the immune system.

It is enough to pour some ice cubes in cold water and soak your feet for 15 seconds each night before going to bed.

What are the benefits of ice water?

Strengthens your immune system

Ice water boosts the production of white blood cells and therefore stimulates the immune system functions. It is during the shower that the metabolism accelerates and that our immune system is stimulated.

Cold water improves fertility

According to a study conducted by researchers at the University of California taking cold showers on a regular basis can increase sperm production by 491%.

Stimulate the production of glutathione

This powerful antioxidant glutathione allows to fight against the aging of the cells, to fight diseases such as cancer, coronary diseases or even strokes.

Fight against a depressed state

According to a study conducted by researchers at the University of Virginia, taking short cold showers would stimulate the blue spot which is a part of the brain responsible for producing noradrenaline a neurotransmitter that helps increase alertness, vigilance, as well as learning capacity and would especially help combat depression.

Do not hesitate to take cold showers on a regular basis as it will improve your immune system, fight against sleep disorders, give you energy, make your skin smooth as well as burn more calories.