The Russians Regarded It as a Miracle Drink for Centuries! Here’s How to Eliminate All the Toxins From Your Body…

It is during winter periods that we are generally victim of fatigue, infection, cold or lack of concentration. These bacteria and toxins that invade our bodies greatly affect our way of life. In this article we propose you to discover a recipe based on kefir that will preserve your health from all these disorders.

What is kefir?

Kefir is a soft drink derived from the fermentation of milk or fruit juices.

Kefir is considered to be a true elixir of youth and health. Its richness in vitamins, proteins, probiotic yeasts and minerals helps protect your body from many diseases. In addition kefir helps to strengthen the intestinal flora and improve the transit. It is also an ideal element to be able to regulate the rate of bad cholesterol as well as to improve the functions of your immune system.

How to prepare fruit kefir?

To prepare kefir it will be necessary to mix 4 cups of mineral water with 5 tbsp of kefir seeds. Then add two tablespoons of cane sugar as well as dried figs with half a sliced lemon. This mixture should be left to macerate for 48 hours at room temperature.

The Benefits of Buckwheat Flour and Kefir

Buckwheat flour or also called black wheat flour will also strengthen your immune system, but not only because it reduces the fatigue by improving blood circulation but also increases the secretion of urine from the blood. This would be an ideal element to remedy as well as prevent cognitive problems.

The combination of black wheat flour and kefir will make the most effective drink to boost the immune system.

Here are the ingredients you need:

1 tablespoon buckwheat flour
¾ cup of kefir
A little honey (according to taste)
One teaspoon of linseed


First of all it will be necessary to mix ¾ cup of kefir with a tablespoon of buckwheat flour as well as a teaspoon of flax seeds. After mixing it should be left to stand overnight in the fridge.

The next day you can consume it as breakfast. However, it is necessary to don’t eat anything for three hours after consuming this remedy. You can start a cure of 14 days and repeat this every 6 months.