Say Bye-Bye to Triglycerides, Blood Glucose, Cholesterol and Fats

The most common medical conditions in the states are high blood pressure and cholesterol. They are result from leading unhealthy lifestyle like implementing wrong eating habits and lack of physical activity. On the other hand, the intake of fast and processed foods, synthetic sugars, and refined and fried foods substantially contribute to the appearance of bad cholesterol. These medical conditions need to be treated on time as if this is not the case it will lead to more severe diseases or illnesses.

High cholesterol levels are the cause for arterial plaque buildup and also provoke the arterial hardening which on the other hand shrinks the arteries. Due to this condition the proper blood flow is blocked within the heart. When the blood flow is impeded or even stopped, the person who experienced this feels a chest pain and then he endures a harmed hearth muscle.

There are some natural treatments which can help you to reduce your high cholesterol. Naturally there are also modern solutions in a form of pills, which can be effective but not in all cases, and not to forget the fact that they are packed with chemicals. Therefore in this article we shall present you a natural recipe which was used by a medical person as well.

This physician had experienced this type of health issue, and he went for the use of this recipe and just in one month he got the wanted results. Prior using this recipe, his blood analyses was far from good, namely his levels of urea, cholesterol, glucose, fats, and triglycerides were very much over the acceptable limits. Just after 30 days of using this recipe, his blood analyses were significantly improved, his cholesterol, triglycerides, fats, glucose, and urine restored their normal levels. This recipe showed incredible positive effects, and because of that he uses it regularly once per year. Moreover, it is one hundred percent natural and organic.

Recipe for Pumpkin Smoothie


  • pumpkin
  • water

Method of preparation and use:

Start with peeling off the pumpkin and after that cut it into pieces. Place the pieces in the blender and add the water. Blend it till you get a smoothie. Consume this smoothie every morning for 30 days, 20 minutes prior breakfast, and you will be astounded by the positive results.

Yet, it is always best to consult your doctor prior using this recipe. Before you start to use ask your doctor to perform blood analyses, and after you have finished the 30-day treatment, make another blood analyses. When you compare the both results you will be extremely satisfied with the effects.