Say Goodbye to Sinusitis, Rhinitis, Flu and Many More with This 2-Ingredient Natural Remedy!

Sinusitis occurs as a result of virus infection, bacteria or allergies. It actually causes inflammation of the sinuses usually accompanied with discomfort and great inconvenience that need to be treated.

The paranasal sinus inflammation symptoms are: heavy headaches which cannot be soothed even by the strongest medications; then the feeling of pressure all around the eyes, nose, and face. Furthermore, a thick yellow nasal discharge can appear, and in some rare cases fever and cough. The prescribed pharmaceutical medicines can solve this condition but usually are accompanied with negative side effects. However, there are natural solutions that can also efficiently solve this health issue.


Natural Remedy for Sinusitis


Needed Ingredients:

  • Ginger
  • Apple cider vinegar


How to prepare it:

Grate the ginger and combine it with half a liter of apple cider vinegar. Place the mixture in a glass bottle and cover it well. Let it stay for 10 days at room temperature and shake it from time to time.

When 10 days pass, uncover the bottle and inhale for 5 minutes. You can also moisten a towel from the same fluid and put it on your neck at night. It is a five days treatment which thanks to the strong smell of ginger nasty headaches will be alleviated.