They Say The Secret To Your Personality Is The Length Of This Finger. Mine’s Eerily True!

Did you know that you can tell a lot about a person simply by looking at the shape of their fingers? It may seem to you strange and silly, but it can be very precise and true. Check the picture and then look at your fingers, and see for yourself if you are you type A, B or C. Choose the shape of your finger and continue reading on to see all the secrets of your personality. This may help you to determine the personality of your friends just by finding out their fingers’ shape. Many people have tried and confirmed that it is a true guessing.


  • You are trying very hard to present yourself like a strong and independent person which in reality you are not. Further on, you are not very open and you don’t share your feelings easily with other people.
  • You are not feeling comfortable in displaying your emotions and try to maintain cool and strong appearance, but when you are connected to someone you can be super fine, and then you are showing how emotional you can be.
  • Further on, you are generally cold with people you do not know well, which is not the case when your friends and family are concerned.
  • You are a person with a big heart, and do not hesitate to help people. You will try to finish every given task even if you do not like it.
  • You like to laugh and enjoy laughing at anything and everything that amuses you; even it may not be funny for other people. Plus, you are person that shows many expressions which reveal all of your thoughts.
  • You detest hypocrisy, lies, and dishonesty; these negative characteristics are against your beliefs.
  • You are not a very tolerant person and considered to be a bit eccentric and arrogant.


  • You are a devoted and loyal person. So, once you fall in love with someone, you are giving your full attention and devotion.
  • Making the first approach to someone or taking actions is not a thing for you.
  • You are extremely committed person, and when you take up something to do, you will give your best to finish it till the end.
  • You have a sensitive soul which you are trying to hide it very hard and because of that people feel that you are a cold person. Often people have the wrong idea about you since you are making a facade of not knowing anything so that you can protect someone else’s feelings.
  • You are so terrified of getting hurt that you make people to believe that you do not need anyone in your life, but in fact you are dreaming of finding your soul mate.
  • You have the ability to remain calm even when you are feeling highly uncomfortable about something.


  • You are not a person that holds a grudge and have the ability to forget things that make you upset.
  • You do not like to talk openly about your feelings and problems and because of that you are always keeping them to yourself.
  • You respect other people’s opinions.
  • You are not feeling well with unfamiliar territories; in fact it bothers you greatly when you have to deal with something new and unknown.
  • You have big ego especially when you are fighting with other people, nevertheless you will be the first one to apologize.
  • You know exactly what you like and dislike and as well as you are very straightforward person. Likewise, you want people to trust and depend on you.