Scarlet Fever is Back and Every Parent Needs to Watch Out for These Warning Signs!

Children are in the process of developing and strengthening their immune system and due to this they are always subjected to different illnesses. Some of the most common diseases that children get diagnosed are Scarlet Fever.

This illness actually causes skin rashes, discomfort, and itches. Lately it is becoming very common in the past years so you need to take proper precaution in order to protect your child. We are going to present to you in this article how to protect the health of your child.

Let’s look at the reasons for scarlet fever

Children are actually getting this illness through infection of Streptococcus bacteria which allows toxins to attack the organism. Once the child is infected with this bacteria most probably it will also have Scarlet Fever. This can lead to serious skin rashes which often look like sunburns, and usually occur in the area of the neck, back, face, and chest. It is important to treat this illness as soon as possible in order to prevent spreading more and causing more damage. You should treat it in the first six days, and the main symptoms are the following:

  1. Flushed face
  2. Scratchy skin
  3. Red rash
  4. Sore throat
  5. Inflamed neck glands

Here is what you need to do when the first symptoms occur

Since this is infectious you will need to take proper measures such as avoiding contacts of the child with other person while the treatment is in the process. You will need to separate the skin care products, tooth brushes and other health supplies that your child is usually using. This way you will manage to prevent the infection from spreading.

In order to get your child on his feet again you will need to give antibiotic treatment for at least 10 days. You might notice amelioration, but make sure you stick with the treatment until the end. Once these days of treatment end you should wait one more day to see whether the illness is gone.

If you fail to treat this disease it can lead to more health complications such as kidney issues, hearing problems, and others.

Essential oils, Lavender, Honey, and other natural treatments

In fact you can cure the illness with some natural remedies that will provide the same effects. In order to get rid of the discomfort of the child you can use apple cider vinegar. This remedy actually contains lots of health benefits that can help you improve the overall health.

You will need to mix apple cider vinegar with cayenne pepper in order to prevent and treat infections and burn injuries. Dip one cloth in the solution and apply it directly on the skin.

Also you may use raw honey, raspberry leaves, and mint in order to treat the fever. Mix them in warm water and consume at least 2-3 drops on daily basis.

Inhaling water vapor can also relieve the throat. This way you will manage to clear the respiratory tract thus avoiding infections. Feel free to add some lavender oil in order to reduce inflammation.

Lavender oil can be used for different functions since it is a potent agent against different types of viruses. This remedy contains linalool which can help you get rid of Scarlet Fever and treats the rashes.

In order to use it properly you will need to mix base oil (almond or olive) with lavender oil and apply this mixture on the rash. You will need to ensure that the child is not scratching the itchy parts.

If you are having aching throat you can try consuming teas, hot soups, and other healthy foods. Make sure that you consume foods that will hydrate the body.