School Gives Students PE Credits for Helping Elderly and People with Disabilities Do Yard Work

There are many ways how we can help someone in need, and a unique one was presented by the students at the Alternative Learning Center.

You all know what PE credits are and that every student should have them, but instead of doing extracurricular activities like athletics and marching band, the students at the Alternative Learning Center did a little bit of gardening.

This alternative school in eastern Iowa implemented these new changes in the physical education credits where in order to get them students need to do some yard work.

Naturally, in the beginning the students were not thrilled with the idea, but once they started the programme, they were more than pleased. They did the yards of the disabled and older people who were all in a need of help. The students were supposed to pull weeds, cut grass, in fact, everything that requires work in a yard.

The students of the Alternative Learning Center found out how fulfilling it can be if you help someone in need. Plus, they met new people as every person has something to add into our lives which made the students to enjoy their earnings of PE credits.

This school differs from the regular ones because it is being attended by high school juniors and seniors with high risk of dropping out of school. But, the new way of earning PE credits proved to be a positive thing for the students and as well as for the vulnerable community like the elderly and the disabled people. This has been proven to be a win-win project.

Tim Hitzler, a teacher in the school, was with the students all the time and offered to help if needed. He maintains that this type of activity is beneficial for the community and students who learn new things and see the real world.