Sciatic Nerve Crisis? This Simple 1 Minute Exercise Will Help You Get Rid of the Sciatica Pain!

Many people suffer from back pain. But when it comes to sciatica, things get complicated and the pain is really unbearable. Sciatica is characterized by strong pain in the lower back, and leg muscle. Specifically, the nerve reaches the feet and knuckles. Apply these tips immediately and you will see a marked improvement in your condition.

Sciatic neuritis, what is it?

This is a very common disease among adults. This is an inflammation of the sciatic nerve which is the longest and largest nerve of the human body. It extends from the lower back, passes through the leg muscle all the way down to the feet. Its function is to ensure the sensitivity of the skin of the lower limbs and motor skills of the knee and hip. The sciatic nerve also controls the ankle and the muscles of the leg and thigh.

As many know, the pain in this body part is known by the name of “sciatica”. When you put pressure on the nerve, it feels a violent pain like a sudden stretching or a spinal injury.

The pain is triggered because the nerve undergoes a fairly high compression and can manifest itself in many forms. It can be so severe that you cannot walk: you can have cramps, can be a victim of electric shock and spasms that go from the hip to the knee, or even feel tingling in the feet.

The causes of sciatic neuritis

The causes of sciatic neuritis are multiple and can be caused by a disease such as diabetes or infection, trauma accumulated in the lumbar area, aging or poor posture. But sometimes a false trunk movement or aggressive and poorly executed effort to carry a heavy object may be the cause. Neuritis may develop slowly or occur overnight. The pain is bearable and sporadic at first but becomes more insistent after some time.

How to cure sciatic neuritis?

There is no cure that overcomes the pain permanently because it is very rare that a nerve can correct itself. The sufferers usually go to a chiropractor but you can, meanwhile, perform a series of exercises that significantly relieve your pain and make it more bearable.

Try these simple exercises to relieve sciatica pain:

What to do to relieve the pain?

Please first consult a specialist to really know what you have, because according to your diagnosis, some exercises will not match and you will only worsen sciatica pain and make it more intense.

As we mentioned above, the ideal would be to practice regularly a set of exercises taking into account the advice presented: back bending exercises, upper back extension. Combine these different movements and you will only have positive results.