Scientist Discovered the Most Powerful Medicine: Four Tablespoons a Day and Say Goodbye to Cancer

Each year more and more people are attacked by cancer. This disease has nothing to do with race or social status, so we can all contract it. Several types of cancers are known today. Among them is breast cancer, prostate, uterus, skin and even blood cancer. If they are not treated in time, they can all lead to death.

Few cancer treatments are currently known. Some of them are radiotherapy and chemotherapy. However, both are highly aggressive to the human health. However, it was proven that natural treatments are much more effective.

A scientist of Russian origin named Christ Mermersky designed a natural recipe that has been used in many patients. He himself was one of them and claims that he was able to heal thanks to the medicine he invented.

This recipe kills cancer cells, cleanses the liver, strengthens the immune system and cleanses blood vessels and kidneys. On the other hand, it also contributes to strengthen the brain and accelerate the recovery of patients. Here’s what you’ll need and how to prepare this recipe.


– 12 garlic heads
– 2.2 oz organic honey
– 15 organic lemons
– 1 pound wheat sprouts
– 1 pound walnuts

Preparation and use:

The first thing you must do is to germinate the wheat buds. This is achieved by letting them stand for 10 or 12 hours in a glass container with water. After that time, filter the wheat and place them in a container for 24 hours. Subsequently, grind the wheat and walnuts together. Peel and mash the garlic cloves by adding them to the bowl where the wheat and walnuts rest.

Then grind 5 unpeeled lemons and add them to the bowl. The rest of the lemons are normally squeezed. Mix well until obtaining a totally homogeneous mixture. Finally, add the honey and stir with a wooden spoon. Let this substance stand for 3 days in the fridge.

After that time, take two tablespoons every two hours to treat cancer. In case of taking preventive measures, take two spoonfuls 30 minutes before each meal and before you go to sleep. By doing this, you can effectively fight cancer.


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