Scientists in Amsterdam Destroyed Breast Cancer Tumors in 11 Days WITHOUT Chemo

Doctors and physicians always advise people to do chemotherapy once they are diagnosed with cancer. In fact chemo is not always the best option. This type of therapy actually destroys the cancer cells but also the healthy cells. Group of scientists have decided to try something different in order to keep the healthy cells intact. These scientists have been doing the research in Amsterdam and they have found alternative treatment that destroys breast cancer tumors without using chemotherapy.

Women mainly are diagnosed with breast cancer and it is important to find alternative method for treatment in order to raise the survival rate. Even though there are many different treatments that can be used for treatment of breast cancer, there are more than 500.000 women that have died from breast cancer in 2014.

The European Breast Cancer Conference in Amsterdam presented a study conducted by the Cancer Research study UK-funded trial which actually proved that a pair of drugs can treat certain types of breast cancer in only 11 days. These findings also show that some women might still need to do the chemotherapy.

The two drugs that have been used for this treatment are Lapatinib and Herceptin which are mostly used for treatment of breast cancer after doing chemotherapy and tumor-removal surgery. This trial actually analyzed the effects of this mixture and found that both act strongly against HER2-protein which is responsible for growing some types of breast cancer.

The research included 257 women that have been tested positively on HER2 breast cancer. These women actually took the two drugs before their surgery and in period of two weeks 11% of patients have showed results of being cancer-free. Another 17% had positive impact such as shrinking of the cancer.

These findings actually have stunned the scientists because of the great results they obtained especially the fact that it could cure breast cancer completely. Even though this study is small it is considered very crucial for patients with breast cancer HER2 type because it is very common to return and reoccur.

As you may already know the chemotherapy might give you short term results but in fact it could cause serious side effects. The most common side effects are fatigue, hair loss, vomiting, and reduced cognitive functions. This finding actually suggests that some patients might not need chemotherapy or surgery.

The Guardian revealed that the chief executive Samia al Qadhi from the Breast Cancer Care charity believes that these findings are actually going to change the perception and treatment of breast cancer. During the chemotherapy the only available drug is Herceptin which she believes is not correct because patients with breast cancer should be able to have this efficient treatment as well as others.

Breast cancer can develop in at least 10 different ways which makes it hard to obtain unified treatment. In order to find comprehensively and quick treatment of all 10 types it will require further research studies and trials. All of these research studies actually help doctors to offer the best solution for patients and save their life.