Scientists Explain What Happens to Your Body When You Walk Barefoot

Earth is our only planet we have and it is our home that offers us a lot. We all need the connection to earth and this was also acknowledged in ancient times when people did a practice called “Earthling”.

This means walking barefoot and receiving all the energy coming from the soil. This practice brings numerous benefits for the overall body.

Earth’s Energy

W.O. Schumann, German physicist and professor at the University of Munich, in 1952, set a hypothesis confirming the energy field of our planet.

Schumann claimed that when a sphere lies within another sphere, an electrical tension is being created. Our planet is a negatively charged sphere placed in a positively charged ionosphere, and in this constellation the creation of a charge is inevitable. He believed that our plant has a frequency of 10Hz. Later on, in 1954, he combined his forces with Herbert Konig, and discovered the actual frequency of 7.83 Hz. The Earth has a never ending supply of free and mobile electrons. The surface of the planet is electrically conductive, and the global atmospheric electrical circuit keeps its negative potential.

Nowadays, this phenomenon is recognized under the name of the Schumann Resonance.

What does “Earthling” mean?

This ancient practice involves barefoot walking where we connect with Earth’s surface electrons thus bringing the energy from the ground to the body.

The electrons of the Earth are powerful enough in alleviating the pain, improving sleep, lowering inflammation and cortisol levels, thinning blood, and reducing stress. Plus, it will help in the treatment of muscle soreness meanwhile improving the parasympathetic systems, including respiration, blood flow, pulse rate, respiration, and blood oxygenation.

Several studies have confirmed the amazing benefits of the “earthling”. In one of the studies, the participants walked barefoot outdoors and some of them were connected to grounded conductive devices. In just 30 minutes most of the participants showed better parasympathetic responses. Another study proved its beneficial effect in the treatment of osteoporosis, thyroid responses, and glucose regulation.

The renowned Polish doctors, K. Sokal and P. Sokal, a cardiologist and neurosurgeon carried out series of studies involving a copper conductor which is in contact with the Earth. The results of their studies revealed the following benefits.

Benefits of Earthling by K. Sokal and P. Sokal

1. Thyroid disease

The participants who suffered from thyroid issues showed a decrease in free tri-iodothyronine and an increase in free thyroxin and thyroid stimulating hormone.

2. Osteoporosis

In this case the doctors used a copper plate applied to the lower limbs which was attached to a grounding rod outside with a conductive wire. The participants reported great improvement in just one night showing better concentration of minerals and electrolytes. In addition to this, the levels of calcium and phosphorus in urine and blood were reduced.

Other benefits have been revealed thanks to the research of Dr. Jonathan Kaplan, a foot and ankle specialist and surgeon at Hoag Orthopaedic Institute.

The link between Earthling and feet by Dr. Jonathan Kaplan

Here are the benefits that were revealed:

  • Improved balance

  • Stronger legs and lower back

  • Better foot mechanics contributes to stronger and aligned knees, hips and core

  • Reduced risk of hammer toes or bunions

  • Prevention of exaggerated movements of your foot and ankle joints thus offering strength and stability

  • Better body awareness of surroundings

For this reason small children are left barefoot when learning to walk

How to do the “Earthling” properly?

  • Start barefoot walking first at home

  • Do a low pace in order to obtain strength

  • Perform ankle exercise so that to improve your balance

  • Wear proper footwear like minimalist shoes

In order to easily introduce barefoot walking you should opt for activities that involve barefoot like yoga or Pilates.

The type of ground is also important if you want to obtain all the benefits from “Earthling”. Wet areas are not recommended and rocky ones that may harm your feet. Ground surfaces like plastic, asphalt, tar, tarmac, wood, rubber, and vinyl block Earth’s energy. For that reason, you should walk barefoot on soil, sand, concrete, grass, and ceramic tile.

When you finish with the earthling, make sure to wash your legs and thus protect them from possible infections.

Important Tips for Diabetics:

If you struggle with diabetes you should be very careful about the following things:

  • Make sure to walk on clean ground

  • Do not wear synthetic rubber soles, but minimalist shoes

  • After the earthling ensure proper washing and moisturizing of your feet

Earthling has been a practice for ages and for the right purposes offering countless benefits for the body. This practice does not cost a thing, anyone can do it and it will efficiently connect your body with Earth. The body will be thankful for the establishment of this new relation.