Scientists Say the Smell of Farts Can Prevent Cancer and Other Diseases

Producing flatulence, or simply fart, is a natural process due to the release of intestinal gas through the anus. Socially frowned upon and considered a rude act and a sign of disrespect, the fart is nevertheless beneficial to health. Not only it allows you to release gases that cause bloating, but also helps reduce your risk of many diseases including cancer. Here’s how!

Before explaining why farts are beneficial to the health, and how they help prevent cancer, let’s look more closely at their composition.

What is the fart made of?

We all know that flatulence or farts are released following an accumulation of gas in the digestive tract. The formation of these gases may be due to consumption of certain foods at too rapid mastication that brings too much air in the stomach, or an indigestion which causes fermentation of food.

As to the composition of fart, it is a mixture of about 50% nitrogen, 10% carbon dioxide, 3% oxygen, 10% methane and 21% hydrogen. The latter two are flammable gases. Regarding the foul odor normally associated with emission of farts, it is due to the presence of sulfur compounds such as dimethyl sulfide, methanethiol and hydrogen sulfide.

Why farts are beneficial to the health?

According to a team of researchers from the Medical School, University of Exeter in Britain, hydrogen sulfide has the ability to reduce the risk of cancer, heart attacks, arthritis and dementia in preserving mitochondria and ensuring the maintenance of cell function.

Indeed, when cells in the body are stressed by inflammation or disease, they release trace amounts of sulfide compound in order to preserve their mitochondria. These are the main source of energy for cells and allow them to live by controlling inflammation.

Based on these data, Prof. Matt Whiteman and his team of researchers have developed a compound they called AP39, which delivers tiny amounts of hydrogen sulfide to the stressed cells to preserve their mitochondria and so survival. Experiments have indeed shown that this compound was helping to protect the mitochondria and repair cellular damage caused by various diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, Alzheimer’s and even cancer.

Note: The hydrogen sulfide when it is inhaled in large doses can become toxic and even fatal.

So the next time someone dares to fart, bad smelling right next to you, don’t be angry and don’t cover your nose, it’s going to serve you by offering you a good deal of hydrogen sulfide!