Scientists Say that Starting Work Before 10am Is Similar to Torture

Scientists are emphasizing the need of waking up later in the morning so that our body remains in good health. This particularly is meant for going to work, meaning that going to work before 10 am is a torture to our body, at least according to Dr. Paul Kelley, a leading researcher at Oxford University.

The body’s internal clock or recognized under the name of circadian rhythm, is in fact a biological timer that dictate the way how our body functions. It is accountable for the production of hormones in our body, regulates our perception of time, brain function, and energy levels.

Hence, waking up early and the need of performing work tasks before 10 am it represents torture to our body and in addition to this negatively affects the natural balance in the body.

According to Dr, Kelley people cannot change their 24-hour rhythms, and although it is imposed one cannot learn to get up at a certain time because the liver and heart have their own patterns that differ and they should in fact shift two or three hours.

The 8-hour working day and the 24/7 factory productivity was first introduced in the early 20th century and at that time the natural human body clock was not even taken into consideration.

However, Dr. Paul Kelley maintains that this rhythm negatively affects the physical, emotional and performance systems in the body. He believes that for the body to function properly the working hours should start at 10 am.

People due to their work or school timetable are chronically experiencing sleep shortage worldwide. Proper sleep is of vital importance for our body and a week with less than six hours’ sleep every night will eventually lead to 711 changes in the function of the genes.

The change of working time will not bring benefits only to the human body but as well as to the performance of work tasks thus making people better and efficient workers.

Additionally, Dr. Kelley and his peers emphasize the importance of age in people and how they are most functional according to their age. The sleep cycle differs in various age groups, for instance sleep shortage begins in adolescence since teenagers are biologically predisposed to go to sleep around midnight, which makes waking up before 10 o’clock a real hassle. Nonetheless, they must attend early morning classes and because of that they lose in average 10 hours of sleep a week. Their concentration in the morning is not high so the effects of the taken classes are not as high as they are supposed to be. During weekends they stay awake longer into the night and to the Monday early-to-bed, early-to-rise sleep cycle is very difficult to adjust, which is basically structured for a 55-year-old person.

The theory of Dr. Kelley was tested by a British school that started the classes from 8.30 am to 10.00 am. After certain period of time of the new time implementation, the grades of the students were significantly better and also their attendance and general productivity.

So, if this theory is applied in practice in working people, then the work productivity will undoubtedly become higher and people will be full of energy, joyful and happier. Contrary to the way how people are nowadays, fatigued, stressed, and addicted to coffee.