Seven Close Friends Buy a Mansion for £460k So They Can Live Together and Grow Old – Video

Making friends is an important social aspect in human life and a good friendship can be as fulfilling as a good relationship. According to researchers having friends enriches our life and makes us happier beings.

We meet people all the time and with some we become friends and with others just acquaintances, some of them stay and some of them come and go. However, true friends are always there for you and with them you share common interests and true values. True friends do not expect anything for return as they are there because they care and they never judge your actions, but are also there to warn you when you forget yourself.

Best true friends are the “chosen family” who stay with you when you most need them.

Friendship is same everywhere in the world, like the one of seven best Chinese friends living in China. These friends frequently joked that they would retire together and live together in their dream house. Jin Du is one of the girls that she met 20 years ago at work and since then remained the best friends.

Their talks about the ideal home became reality as last year they bought a property in the suburbs of Guangzhou, south-eastern Guangdong province. This home needed renovation and for its rebuilding they needed to gather £460,000 (4 million Yuan). All of them agreed on taking this venture and managed to finish their three-storey mansion. Their dream house became reality with floor-to-ceiling glass windows, a massive open kitchen, and a swimming pool.

This mansion has 7,535-square-foot with an ideal location in a nearby village to Guangzhou’s city center. In order to reach the city they need to travel only 70km and in this way have the commodities of a city life and the tranquility of a village life.

The house is magical being surrounded by paddy fields, and in one of the fields there is a pavilion that connects to the mansion via a bamboo walkway. Plus, it has huge tatami mats for gatherings, a long dining table for group meals and furniture collected from India and Morocco. In this house and the surroundings they can collect food, cook, barbecue and sing.

They have all agreed that they will use their skills for better and meaningful life like playing music, cooking, gardening, and practicing traditional Chinese medicine.

Jin said that each one of them is very independent, but they are always relying on each other. She sincerely hopes that they will have a fulfilling retiring time after 20 years once their children become grown up persons.


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