SHOCKING: Candy-Flavored Meth for Kids Approved By FDA, Despite Side Effects Like Heart Attacks!

Children diagnosed with ADHD have been allowed the use of candy-flavored amphetamine at the age of 6 or even older. However, according to the label this drug has great capacity of dependence and abuse thus this may cause deep reconsideration of its use especially if you a parent that has a child with ADHD. Thanks to the use of this candy-drug children may become easily addicted to drugs.

This drug becomes easily addictive due to the active ingredients, while the sweet taste makes the children want it more. Many medical experts worldwide are concerned regarding the use of this product as it may cause addiction that could influence the children in their adulthood. Yet, the company that produces this drug, Neos Therapeutics, continues with its production.

Likewise, the same company is producing a new type of meth called Adzenys XR-ODT. Vipin Garg, the CEO of the company, sates that they are in progress of finishing it so that it is available just before the school season. This company does not show any concern regarding the possible negative outcomes; as a matter of fact, it is even showing off with the fact that 125 sales representatives are having meetings with doctors so that this drug is quickly placed on the market.

This is an unfortunate situation as the government is so strict when edible cannabis is concerned, and on the other hand is making easily available these addictive drugs. The reason for this situation is the fact that these meth gummies can be controlled and they will bring profit as well.

Both FDA and the producing company state that these drugs do not pose any threat towards our health, however people do not believe in this statement anymore because more and more grownups which use medications like Adderall have revealed their addictive nature and moreover there are plenty of side effects which range from mild to severe, including death.

Regarding this matter Dr. Carl Hart who is a teacher of psychology and psychiatry at Columbia University, maintains, quoting:
“The general public remains nearly completely oblivious of the fact that methamphetamine produces nearly identical results to those produced by the popular ADHD medication d-amphetamine (dextroamphetamine). You most likely know it as Adderall.”

There are plenty adverse effects like strokes, hallucinations, psychotic episodes, precariously hypertension, hair loss, fever, which for sure will assure any parent that there are no benefits for their children if they take this drug instead of Adderall, which has similar or even so same content, just in this case it is not given as a candy.

There is so much evidence concerning the dangerous use of this drug which can become terminal, yet FDA still claims that it is safe and efficient in the fight against ADHD and narcolepsy.