Signals Our Body Sends to Tell we are Not Healthy – Do Not Ignore Them!

People that have some health issues usually get signs from the body that in most cases are obvious to be recognized, but there are some cases when it is difficult for people to recognize it. There are people that often ignore these signs from the body because they can’t recognize the connection with the health problem. Due to these reasons it is important that people know these signs in order to prevent life threatening situations.

Once there is something wrong with your body it will send you signal immediately. You shouldn’t ignore these signs.

  1. Cracked lips – this is a sign that usually is caused by the change of temperature and wind. In case your lips are cracked for longer period of time, or they crack very often, then you should know it is a sign of fungal infection and lack of vitamin B.
  2. Moles – they are harmless but in case they appear as a result of sunbathing it should be considered as danger. Also in case the moles appear rapidly in unusual areas could be a sign of skin diseases such as melanoma.
  3. Swollen neck – in case you notice that your neck is swollen then you shouldn’t ignore this sign. This condition requires immediate attention from your doctor. The main cause for swollen neck is the thyroid gland, and often it appears in women aged 20-50 years old.
  4. Red palms – this could be a sign of eczema, allergies, and dermatitis. If you are experiencing change in color on your palms you should know it is a sign of problems with the liver.
  5. Eye whites –you should know that this part of the eye supposed to be white at all times. In case you notice that your whites on the eyes are becoming yellow-colored it is a sign of liver issues. If your eye whites turn red it is a sign of hypertension of viral disease.
  6. Changes in nails – they often tells you about the condition of the body. If you notice that your nails have become thin and cracked it suggests that your body lacks calcium in the body. Also in case your thyroid gland is not working properly it could reflect on the nails in different forms.
  7. Loss of eyebrow – if you notice that you are losing eyebrow unexpectedly, then you should know it is a sign of hypertension or hypothyroidism.