A Simple and Easy Tip to Practice at Home to Soothe Arthritis, Back and/or Sciatica Pain … It Works Better Than Pills!!

Castor oil is a natural oil with a thousand virtues. It has not only powerful medicinal properties, but it has power to alleviate arthritis, back pain and sciatica pain as well. Here’s how to use it.

This substance can be used in many treatments of many health problems and give positive results. It effectively soothes inflammation and destroys bacteria and viruses. For thousands of years, ancient India has made this remedy an unavoidable natural solution.

Ricinoleic, the strength of castor oil

It has been scientifically demonstrated that castor oil is rich in healthy fats and fatty acids, such as ricinoleic. It has powerful anti-bacterial, antiviral, analgesic and laxative properties, which make this oil extremely useful in the treatment of sciatica pain, arthritis and back pain.

In addition, this oil stimulates hair growth, moisturizes the skin, strengthens the immune system, treats chronic constipation and relieves gastrointestinal problems. It also treats severe insect bites, acne, warts and sebum cysts.

Because of its remarkable health properties, castor oil is regularly used in many cosmetic products. In addition, it is used in the production of paint, varnish, rubber, textile and fabrics.

If you want to know how to use it to relieve the inflammatory pain of arthritis or sciatica, check out the following instructions.

Here is how to use castor oil in order to relieve arthritis, sciatica and back pain in general:

Apply a few drops to the painful areas and gently massage in circular motions. Make these massages few times a day until you feel some improvements.

Note that you should always consult a doctor before starting to use this oil as a treatment for your health problems, especially when you are under medication or therapeutic treatment.

Source: www.healthadvisor-team.com