A Very Simple Exercise to Remove Back and Belly Fat in No Time!

You may have been asking yourself how to get that ideal body which you have always dreamt about?

Well, it is possible to accomplish your dreams, and just by implementing a single exercise. By using this exercise you will need only 4 minutes a day, and by doing so you will manage to slim down the most difficult areas of the body like the flabby saggy arms, muffin top and belly fat. All you have to do is to perform this exercise 4 minutes a day, and in 28 days the results will be far from visible.

We are talking about the plank challenge. This challenge will strengthen your core and endurance. It is a simple routine that targets every muscle in the body. This full body workout starts with 20-45 seconds, and at the last days it is finished with 3-4 minutes workout.

Here it is how it goes:

The Plank Challenge

Days 1-2   Keep the plank position for 20 seconds.

Days 3-4   Go for 30 seconds.

Day 5        Do it for 40 seconds.

Day 6         Rest day

Days 7-8     45 seconds

Days 9-11   Hold the plank position for 60 seconds.

Day 12         90 seconds

Day 13         Take a break.

Days 14-15   Go for 90 seconds.

Days 16-17    Plank for 2 minutes.

Day 18          150 seconds

Day 19           Rest day

Day 20-21      150 seconds

Day 22-23      Make a goal of 180 seconds.

Day 24            210 seconds

Day 25            Take a break

Day 26            Go for 210 seconds

Day 27           Try planking for 240 seconds.

Day 28            Plank as long as you can.

Make sure to perform the planking properly, and the results will be guaranteed. Now, show off with your well-shaped body.