Simple Fix for Vertigo (Video with Instructions)

The renowned Dr. Carol Foster from the University of Colorado School of Medicine has invented a home treatment for vertigo, and as a result of her invention she has turned into a YouTube sensation. It is actually a maneuver which she elaborated to the CBS4 Health Specialist Kathy Walsh in a 2012 story. Since this has been presented she has become widely known, namely up to now she has 2.6 million views on

Vertigo is a sensation or feeling of everything around you moving or spinning, but in reality this isn’t the real situation. So, it is not a serious health condition, but it causes troubles with the daily activities. Vertigo attack appears all of a sudden and usually lasts for several seconds or in some severe cases even much longer for several days.

Typical symptoms of vertigo are: dizziness, loss of balance, feeling sick or being sick, sometimes hearing loss, then the feeling of ringing in the ears, and high temperature; it really depends on the condition that have caused it.

All detailed instructions are in the video below, but we shall make a short summary of what it represents.

Here is the “the half somersault maneuver” that will help you with your vertigo:

First, tilt your head backward in order to look at the ceiling. Next, place your head like when preparing to do a somersault. Now your head is in upside down position, and then turn to your left elbow. When the dizziness goes away, raise your head to back level. Again wait for the dizziness to go away, and then sit back quickly.

This is a simple home treatment for vertigo which has about 2 million views on YouTube.

Even though Dr. Carol Foster does not feel that she has become widely popular, many vertigo sufferers are more than grateful for this ingenious vertigo maneuver that they can practice at their own home.


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