Start Eating More Iron if you Experience Any of These Signs of Anemia

Anemia is a condition characterized by a decrease in red blood cells. This condition usually occurs due to too low levels of iron in the body. You should also know that this lack of iron makes the body unable to produce hemoglobin, which is crucial for red blood cells to be able to transport oxygen to all tissues in the body.

Here are some signs that you are suffering from anemia:

  • Tiredness or constant weakness
  • Migraines, vertigo or dizziness, especially when you are standing
  • Shortness of breath
  • Frequent infections
  • Cold hands and feet
  • Weak and fragile nails
  • High heart rate
  • Restless legs syndrome

The key to preventing iron deficiency is healthy nutrition and a balanced diet. This means that you need to include more food rich in iron in your diet, such as green vegetables, meat, eggs, fish, bread, cereals and milk.

Another option is nutritional supplements. However, before considering this option, you should consult your doctor.