Start Eating More Iron Right Away if You Experience Any of These 10 Signs of Anemia

Anemia is a serious health condition which occurs due to lack of iron in the body. This condition has become very frequent nowadays. Actually it is a deficiency of red blood cells due to low blood cells in the organism.

The body short of iron cannot turn it into hemoglobin, and then the red blood cannot carry oxygenated blood to all body tissues which will result in many side-effects.

Any person can suffer from anemia, but still some of us are more susceptible to it. The risk of occurrence of this disease is higher with vegetarians and vegans because they do not consume red meat which is the richest iron source. Likewise, blood donors are prone to the occurrence of this disease as they share large quantities of iron with other people. This is more real for women donors due to the pregnancy factor and as well as the menstrual cycle.

The percentage in men suffering from disease is very low only around 3% contrary to the female gender where 20% of the women have experienced this health condition and 50% of pregnant women suffered from iron deficiency anemia.

Lack of Iron – Anemia Symptoms

Iron deficiency anemia mainly disturbs the oxygen supply to the cells. There are numerous factors that can impact the severity of the symptoms, starting from mild symptoms such as tiredness and booming to more extreme ones.

The whole list of iron deficiency anemia:

  1. Headache, Dizziness or Light-headedness, Especially When Standing

Once standing up commonly we get head rushes due to the impairment of oxygen flow to the brain. As a result of this condition, dizziness and headaches are provoked which can even lead to fainting.

  1. Feeling Extreme Fatigue and Weakness

Sleeping more than usual and then getting up and feeling that you have not rested sufficiently; furthermore experiencing low energy levels or muscle weakness for longer period of time.

  1. Shortness of Breath

Shortness of breath can be caused just by climbing the stairs, therefore turn to some cardio.

  1. Suffering from Chest Pain

This condition by no means should be ignored as it does not only mean that you lack from iron, but it can also indicated cardiac arrest as well, therefore treat it as soon as possible.

  1. Increased Heartbeat

Elevated heartbeat is frequently linked to anemia, and if you are short of oxygen, then you may experience heart pound faster than normal.

  1. Suffering from Frequent Infections

If your wounds and cuts need more healing time or become easily infected, then you may suffer from low hemoglobin levels and thereby increase your iron levels.

  1. Cold Hands and Feet

If you have cold hands and feet then it may mean that you are having circulation issues, but if your fingers and toes are always freezing, or your nails turn purple, this means that the body needs more iron, not more layers of clothes.

  1. Weak and Brittle Nails

The appearance of nails reflects the whole body health condition. So if you have fragile and brittle nails or if you are having hair issues then this is an indication of iron deficiency.

  1. Unusual and Odd Cravings

The body shows you what it needs by developing cravings which usually are sugar cravings. However, if you have severe needs of sugar cravings, and sometimes even odd cravings for dirt or chalk, then you may be short of iron.

  1. Restless Leg Syndrome

This syndrome should not be neglected as it is a clear sign of iron deficiency. It is manifested by unsettling and a tingling sensation in the leg which seems that it will not go away.

How we can prevent the occurrence of this condition?

Healthy diet and iron beneficial ingredients can help in this condition; meaning that you should consume foods that raise the iron level in the body like: leafy greens, eggs, fish, breads, milk and iron-fortified cereals.

Aside the change of diet, iron supplements will also do the job. However, do not take them on your own, first consult your doctor and then start the use of iron supplements.

In order to improve your health always be aware of the signs that the body sends, in this way you will react on time thus saving your health.