Staying at Home with Kids is Harder than Going to Work

Children are true blessing in every family, they make our lives fulfilling and bring incredible joy. However, there is an interesting quote about our parenthood: “It is awful, awful, and then something amazing happens”.

This line can be applied for most parents out there, especially the ones that stay at home and take care of their children. Awful refers to all the endless work that needs to be done when taking care of children like sleepless nights, fevers, feeding, bathing, playing, soothing, rocking the restless baby, and so on. All that work is worth it as they are our souls and the most valuable thing in our lives. Yet, it is true that how much we can love them that is, how much they can drive us crazy.

For some people staying at home to look after their children can be worse than having a hectic job. This is not far from true as those parents that work and when they need to stay at home even when it is paid leave in question cannot wait to go back to work. Therefore, we need to appreciate all the hard work that a parent needs to do when staying home with the children.

Stay-at-home parents are well aware of this and although they offer their unconditional love the stress cannot be relieved simply by that.

Some people may think what is so hard to stay at home with your precious ones?

It is easy to judge especially if you cannot relate to the person who needs to stay at home. We are not saying that it is good to complain all the time about the chores one needs to do related to the children, but these people need to be taken seriously and to be given the credit for their hard work, after all they are responsible for our healthy youth.

Regarding this issue a survey was conducted in UK by the AVEENO® Baby.

The AVEENO® Baby Survey Results

This comprehensive survey was taken across the country in the UK involving 1,500 mothers and fathers. The results of this survey revealed the high rate of stress that parents experience while taking care of their children. This rate is higher than the one when going to work. The parents who took part in this survey either worked various types of jobs or were stay-at-home parents.

Here are the findings of this survey:

  • 71% of the parents believe that social media took a great part in parenting making it more competitive which is completely unnecessary. Parents feel obliged to level up or do better from other parents.
  • 55% reported that taking care of a baby is hard work even with a strong support system.
  • 45% of mothers stated that the advice of their own mothers was invaluable and believe that they could not cope with the current situation without their mother’s advice despite visiting NCT(National Childbirth Trust) classes and reading self-help books.
  • 42% parents felt for the first time the true unconditional love when they had their first baby.
  • 40% confirmed that after they have experienced parenthood they were no longer judgmental to other parents.
  • 39% of the parents reported persistent exhaustion.
  • 31% said that staying at home with your children is more stressful than going to work.
  • 27% experienced the pressure of being the perfect parents.
  • 25% said that having a baby is easy.
  • 22% parents are concerned about the eating habits of their newborn.
  • 9% are concerned about the sleeping patterns of their children.

Having a child is the most wonderful thing that can happen in your life and every effort and sleepless night is worth it.

Here it is what Rebecca Bennett Aveeno Baby Skin expert, sated to The Sun, quote:

“Becoming a parent is an amazing experience, but we understand that entering this new chapter of life can also bring with it a great deal of stress and worry, so we wanted to discover more about what new parents experience in the first few years, what they wish they had known and how best we can support them”.

Therefore, although sometimes it can be “awful” parenthood can be also amazing and there is no greater joy than the warm smile of your child, his first word or step on the floor. All these “little” things make us forget all the exhaustion we feel while taking care of them. You need to be aware that every parent has the feeling of running away but it passes very quickly when your toddler comes to hug or kiss you. That expression of love is something that we all strive to have in our lives. The unconditional love that you feel is vice versa, your children love you unconditionally without any hesitation or doubt.