Staying Single is Better than Being in an Unhealthy Relationship

The human being is created to live in company with another human being, but should it that be at any cost?

Yes, it is true that we all need a companion in our life but should we settle for something that does not suit us just to satisfy the surrounding and our need of being with someone. If we are miserable and unhappy in a relationship with someone that does not appreciate us, then the meaning of being together is worthless. It is much better to stay single and feel satisfied with yourself, than being with someone that does not value you at all.

Your time is valuable and it is better to spend it on you than on the wrong person. The status of being alone is sometimes better than the status of being in a relationship. Unhealthy relationship can destroy your self-esteem and bring only misery into your life.

So, is it better to lose yourself for the sake of a relationship, or to enjoy being alone and love yourself?

Do you deserve to feel like a prisoner in emotional cage of the current relationship, or is it better to free yourself and to invest in your own future?

Naturally, you should never waste your energy or time for someone who does not deserve you. You need to learn how to love yourself and feel good in times when you are single. Remember being single does not mean that you are alone.

Imagine a situation like this: you are sending a long message to your partner, expressing your feelings regarding your relationship and on the opposite side there is only “seen” with no response. At this point, it is most likely to ask yourself is this all worth it; all the effort, and disappointment for someone that does not really appreciate you. Would it be better to be alone, watch a movie that you like and enjoy a glass of fine wine?

If you are already asking these questions to yourself, then you should end up the relationship that chokes you in every aspect in life.

There are so many toxic relationships because not many people have the ability to understand the difference between ownership and partnership. No one can own anyone, we should know how to respect the feelings of the other person and never smother it with something that he or she does not like. If that is the case, then that is not a good and loving relationship, and that one we all should have.

If your partner does not let you go out with your friends, then he or she is not a good partner. Moreover, if they are going out with their friends, and meanwhile checking on you, makes it even worse. You should not get along with this situation, but go out and see your friends, especially if your partner does not keep his end of the bargain. You should not be miserable when someone else is enjoying himself.

Being in an unhealthy relationship is not a good thing for you, it is better to stay single and be more patient in finding the right partner for you who will know how to respect you. Never settle for the second best, but wait for the special one that you will trust and the other way round.

During the time you are single, you can work on yourself and do some activities that you have always wanted to do. You will improve yourself mentally and physically and that will allow you to achieve your goals in life which for sure will bring higher satisfaction in life than having a toxic relationship.

A healthy relationship will bring true happiness in life, and that should be with the person who truly appreciates you. Do not waste your precious time on people who do not deserve you, keep yourself for the one who will really love you and respect you in every way.

There is nothing wrong in staying single for a certain period of time and that is much better than feeling miserable with someone all the time. Love is supposed to heal and set you free, and not to make you sad and trapped. Love should set you free and make you enjoy life.

Just be patient and wait for the one who will love you unconditionally and who will at any cost protect your fragile heart. This person is worthwhile waiting for, and meantime you can work on yourself, grow, and enjoy life as it is, as there is nothing wrong by staying single.