Step Out of the Race

The human being is not meant to live alone, we all need that missing part that will make us complete, but should we settle for the second best?

It seems that we should not, especially if we are not happy in that particular relationship. In order to be pleased with ourselves and have harmonious relationship both of the involved persons need to be the perfect match. Therefore, if you are single quit the race for the right partner for awhile as being single is not such a bad thing and that knows every strong and intelligent woman.

The time that you are solo you can use it wisely and enjoy every moment for you. During this period you can do something that has always fulfilled you, and everyone will see that as there will be a new light around you that will attract the right people. If you run for finding a partner at any cost, then be aware of the fact that you may not be happy in a misbalanced relationship. Being single, it does not mean that you are alone; it is just a period of time devoted to your inner self.

As per Mintel’s Single Lifestyles UK 2017 Report, many women have decided to stay single and enjoy their own company. They believe that it is better to stay solo than stay in a toxic relationship.

Jack Duckett, Senior Consumer Lifestyles Analyst at Mintel, explains this report:

It is easy to assume that all singletons are actively looking for a partner; however, our data shows that this is far from always being the case.

Much of this reluctance to look for a partner can be attributed to the young increasingly prioritizing their education, careers and financial stability over being in relationships.”

Several Reasons for Being a Happy Solo for Some Time

  • Single women have time for themselves thus learning to love and respect themselves and that is of most importance while entering a relationship.

  • A single life teaches you of independence and decisiveness.

  • The solo time will make you independent and self-reliant thereby strengthening the most important relationship, the one with yourself.

  • Being single allows these women to have better and deeper relations with their family and friends.

  • Single women are women with successful careers as they have the time to focus on their career and do not have the pressure from their partner to subdue their aspirations and dermas in terms of his.

  • No one is perfect, and breaking the rules from time to time is not such a bad thing. Single women in time learn that they should not be dependent on other people’s opinions as they know for sure what they really need in life.

The solo time makes these women independent, strong, and self-conscious, and that is what attracts men, believe it or not. These women tend to have more successful relationships because they know exactly what they want and enjoy their current relationship.

A healthy and loving relationship is the foundation of meaningful love life and if staying single contributes to achieving that, then it is worth it.