How to Stop Absorbing Other People’s Negative Energy


This term is an ability to feel compassion towards other people, and having the ability to understand others.


This is more profound feeling where one deeply understands the other person and at the same time shares his emotions and feelings. In plain words, an “empathizer” is a person that experiences other person`s emotions as if they were his own.

However, it is a very common situation when a strong empathizer absorbs the negative emotions and the suffering from the persons that surround him. As a result of which, they end up anxious not being able to continue functioning accordingly.

All of us have experienced this particularly when you are in a discussion with a highly negative person; it seems that all his problems and troubles are pouring onto you which results in becoming negative as the person you are talking with. For that reason, you need to learn to protect yourself from such negative energy because the emotional state impacts your body in many ways, including physically and mentally. Keeping the positive attitude in life is of utmost importance as that is the key towards good and fulfilling life. In this article we shall present 5 ways how to achieve that.

5 Ways to Stop Absorbing Negativity Energy from Other People

  1. Stop Pleasing People

Do not take things personally especially when someone tends to complain about you and talks down at you. Particularly if you try to make them pleased and starting to like you, in that way you will be dragged into the negativity cycle making you dependable on their opinion no matter of what sort it is, emotional or practical.

You have to realize that we are not the same, every person has his own opinions, likes, and dislikes, and because of that not every person will like you, which is a normal thing. So, in order to protect yourself from other people`s negative emotions, just show yourself love and stop pleasing other people.

  1. Stop Feeding The Beast

Have you heard about the term “emotional vampire”? It is associated to persons with parasitic personalities who feed their ego on your attention and compassion. In the beginning you may even feel good being associated with these types of people, but eventually they will drain all your energy and you will end up feeling as a victim.

We are not saying that it is not good to help other people, but offer your help until there are positive results. You need to stop when you will see that your efforts are futile especially when the people to whom you are offering your help are only looking for extra attention and not a solution for their problems.

  1. Learn How to Say “NO”

Being generous is a good thing, but you need to know when to say “no” as some people tend to take advantage of your generosity. Set certain boundaries and stick to them, in that way you will defend yourself from the unpleasant people. Value your personal life and allow people to enter in it which cherish your values as well. So, whenever you meet another person and allowing it to enter into your life, set clear standards first.

  1. Do not Forget Who is Responsible for YOU

Always memorize this rule; you are the only one who is accountable for your thoughts and emotions. Your own perception of yourself is the most important one, not the one presented by other people. You need to learn how to reject other people`s approval, you are the person responsible for your feelings, therefore you need to learn how not to depend on other people’s opinions. For that reason, choose situations which will increase your energy and be in company with people who only contribute to your personality.

  1. Return to Nature

We are living in a hectic world filled with all sorts of chaotic energies. Therefore, it is a good thing to focus on the simple voices of nature.

Try the method deep breathing and meditation. Inhale deeply and focus on filling the body with fresh oxygen. Implement this simple trick into your life and you will feel refreshed and capable to defend yourself from all the present negativity around you.