Stop Throwing Away the Banana Peels: What You Can Do With Them Is Just Amazing!

Bananas are among the fruits that many people love to eat. It is actually a fruit especially very rich vitamin B, pectin but also potassium which allows to supply the body with nutrients and thus give it energy to face a long day. In this article we’ll inform you of the many uses of the skin of the banana and the benefits that it could bring to your body.

What can banana skin be used for?

Consuming bananas regularly helps fight free radicals and therefore prevents the emergence of certain diseases such as diabetes or cancer.

In fact, it is not only the fruit that is edible since the skin of the banana is also full of benefits. In the rest of this article we will explain why you should not throw away the banana skin.

1. For white teeth

If your teeth begin to turn yellow, then take a banana peel and gently pass it over your teeth each day for 2 minutes.

2. To remove a wart

Use a bandage to fix the skin of the banana on your wart during the night and it will eventually disappear.

3. To remove acne pimples

You simply have to rub a banana peel on your face at the place where acne pimples concentrate for several minutes each day. After some time the results will be just spectacular.

4. To remove wrinkles

Apply the skin of the banana where the wrinkles are concentrated. Banana peel is an excellent treatment for the removal of wrinkles.

5. To relieve yourself of an insect bite

If you have been bitten by an insect and you have no treatment at hand do not hesitate to take the skin of a banana because it will relieve you of the pain in just a few minutes.