Studies Show That Women are Stressed by Husbands Twice as Much as Children

Women, to be more precise, mothers have always had the key role in the upbringing of children; in fact it is in their genes. Ever since ancient times women took care of the children and home, and the men were in charge of bringing food through hunting, and later on taking jobs in order to provide for their family.  Women stayed in their homes and did everything what was necessary to raise their children and keep the household.

This situation was the same more or less until women obtained the right to work earning their own salary, and this happened only a few centuries ago. In fact, most of your great-grandmothers and grandmothers did not have a job, but stayed at home to take care of the children and house, while their husbands were working and earning salaries.

So, we may say that women have it in their genes the capability of training or parenting their children which is never an easy task, and never has been. In modern times aside the taking care of their children and house, which should never be underestimated as that is a full job, they also need to work.

Every stage of children’s development is a hard task, there isn’t an easy stage of their growth, each one is challenging and very demanding, but mothers seem to have higher strength as they show great love and dedication to raising their children.

We are living in a modern age where husbands should or are already participating in the upbringing of children, but the question always appears: how can they efficiently participate?

Parenting is a stressful job that needs support from both parents

Even though by all standards the parenting part needs to be done by both involved parties, the mother and the father, it seems that the harder tasks and the higher responsibility falls on the mother.

In fact, as per many conducted studies, the husband can stress out more than a child, which was confirmed by 45% of the mothers that participated in the studies.

It is a normal thing for the loving couple to have aspirations to form their own life together like having children, buying the house of their dreams, and lead a fulfilled life. However, it seems that many women do not ask the most important question when they are entering the marriage, and that is if their partner is willing to put everything on them, and to accomplish the plans they have put together. Many women think that that will come naturally, and the surprise is even bigger when that does not happen. Therefore, most women confirm that their stress in raising the children is because they do not get enough support from their husbands in this difficult task. However, when this was stated to the involved men they claimed that even if they offered help, the women refused believing that they will mange by themselves to solve all the problems with the child alone.

But that is not the case as in this modern way of living every help is welcome for the mothers, today’s parenting needs to be done by both parents as that is sound parenting where every involved party gets benefit from it, including your children. If there is a proper communication among both parents, any problem and misunderstanding can be solved, and in that way you can eliminate the stress at least the one in your home. Stress is not healthy, and it is not good for parenting.