Study Shows Women Who Are Surrounded by Plants Are Happier and Live Longer

Did you know that plants are very beneficial for your mental health? Therefore, we advise you to visit the park or nearby forest more often.

According by a conducted research at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and Brigham Women’s Hospital women who are surrounded with plants have a longer lifespan.

This was a comprehensive study lasting for eight years where researchers have discovered that having your day surrounded with vegetation will prolong your life. Mother Nature is amazing contributor to longevity plus it is not polluted and there is a chance for better social engagement and physical activity.

Spending some time in the forest is far better choice than staying in your neighborhood. This residing will improve you mental health and reduce the risk of depression.

If the forest is not an option for you or you simply do not like hiking, then there is another effective option for you, keeping indoor plants. Their presence in your home will not only beautify your home but as well as purify the air, enhance your productivity and reduce blood pressure.

As per the findings of Peter James, research associate in the Harvard Chan School Department of Epidemiology, vegetation can show a decrease in mortality rates.

Fight depression

This mental issue has become very common in this modern way of living, but if you are surrounded with trees and flowers the risk of its development will get significantly reduced.

In addition to this, the presence of plants in your home will reduce the risk of other health issues like respiratory conditions and cancer. According to the findings of this study the ladies that keep plants in their homes have 34% lower risk of dying from respiratory conditions and 13% lower risk of cancer.

Conclusively, we can state that in order to lower the chances of pre mature mortality you need to keep plants which will consequently make you more physically active. Additionally, they will filter the chemicals in the air and better your mental health. Plus, the presence of vegetation in your life will alleviate the effects of climate changes, and boost the overall health.

The plants that we recommend for your home that can offer air purification are: Jasmine, Lavender, Aloe Vera, Peace Lily, Spider Plant, and Snake Plant.