Super Drink to Treat Fatty Liver – Minus 5 Pounds in One Week

Fatty liver is a disease which occurs equally often in both men and women.

People suffering from fatty liver have a large amount of fat accumulated around the waist. But this fat is not so dangerous as are the fatty deposits that form on the liver.

Nutrition, rejuvenation and beauty – we all want to be healthy, young and beautiful. When it comes to fatty liver one should primarily focus on a healthy lifestyle. Because if you take care of the liver’s health, you will not only look good and you will not only lose few pounds, but also you will look much younger.

The drink, which we suggest you try it, will cleanse your body of slag and toxins and will also free you from at least 5 extra pounds in one week. This cocktail is the best therapy for fatty liver. We’ll repeat it again – the best therapy! For no other reason but because liver treatment is the most effective when done by natural means.

You will need the following ingredients:

1 cup orange juice
3 dried apricots
1 tablespoon wheat germ


1. Take 1 cup of freshly squeezed orange juice.

2. Place the apricots in a blender and add some juice. Blend the apricots.

3. Add the remaining juice.

4. Sprinkle with wheat germ.

This is a combination which in any case should not be underestimated. Orange juice, dried apricots, and wheat germ will give the liver all that is necessary to be able to self clean of harmful substances.

Orange juice has detoxifying properties and satisfies hunger and is excellent for improving digestion. Dried apricots are useful for the cardiovascular system and improve the eyesight. Wheat germ – this is one of the key components for extra energy and fiber, when it comes to rejuvenation.

Drink this cocktail in the morning or in the evening. Occasionally replace a meal with it, and you will not only have a beautiful and slim body, but also your health will be in excellent condition.