Super Food – Proteins in Sweet Potato Can Destroy Several Types of Cancer Cells

Everyone knows how sweet potatoes can be delicious, and very nutritious. Their qualities are so high that even NASA chooses them for their space missions. They are even considered to be “super food” which is true given the fact that it contains many nutrients worth every dollar we pay.

Sweet potatoes are so beneficial thanks to the anti-cancer properties. Namely, a century ago it was discovered a quite unique protein contained in the sweet potatoes, so unique that it could treat leukemia. After thorough researching it was revealed that it has anti-cancer properties. The protein was tested against leukemia, and the results showed that it can impede the growth of leukemia cells in petri dishes.

However, when consumed the proteins go directly into the stomach where they are instantly digested; therefore, to avoid this problem, researchers tested the sweet potatoes’ protein against tongue cancer cells. Like any other cancer patient and tongue cancer patients are treated with chemotherapy experiencing its negative side-effects. For that reason, this testing was crucial as it may have become a potential natural cancer cure. The testing results were very good; the protein lowered the viability of cancer cells in vitro within days, which implicated that sweet potatoes are indeed a potential cure for tongue cancer.

Later on, this protein was tested on nine women suffering from advanced cervical cancer, and in 2 women, the protein survived the digestion and managed to enter the bloodstream. Likewise, this same protein was tested against the most harmful kind of cancer, colorectal cancer and gave outstanding results. It hindered the development of the disease and reduced the cancer cell invasion and migration, which additionally confirmed that sweet potatoes have remarkable cure potential in the fight against cancer.