This Super-Healthy Leaf is Able to Remove Varicosity in Veins, Pain in Joints, Lack of Memory and Headaches…

Most of us have laurel leaf in our homes as it is a common spice to many meals. This aromatic evergreen tree shows great effects on the overall physical health.  It is an amazing leaf with many medicinal properties, which can heal many medical issues if you use the oil of this plant.

Health Benefits of the Laurel Leaf

There are many health advantages when you are using this plant. Here are the following ones:

  • Boosts immunity
  • Great in colon cleansing
  • Get rids of joint pain and varicose veins
  • Ideal for calming the nerves
  • It offers higher intellectual power and focus
  • Stimulates the swelling

Recipe for Laurel Oil


  • 2 tbs of bay leaves
  • 1cup of olive oil

Method of Preparation:

Start with grinding the bay leaves, and after that, pour the olive oil over the leaves. Transfer the mixture in a jar, and close it well. Keep the jar in a dark cold place for 14 days. Shake the jar occasionally, and when the needed period of 2 weeks has passed, strain the mixture by using a gauze and transfer it n another clean container with a lid. Keep the mixture in a cold room.

Health Benefits of the Laurel Oil:

  • It is an ideal solution for migraines and ear pains.
  • Laurel oil soothes headache by rubbing it on the temples.
  • Performing massages with warm laurel oil will help you with aching joints.
  • Great solution for renal and hepatic issues.
  • It is ideal for lowering the body temperature.
  • Laurel oil can improve the work of the intestines and as well as the digestion.
  • For solving skin issues, you can use it as a lotion.
  • Removes acne and pimples.

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