Take This 60 Seconds Test to See if Your Internal Organs Are Sick. All You Need is a Spoon!

This test will help you to check the health condition of your hormones, respiratory system, intestines, kidneys, metabolism, and teeth.

What you need is a plastic bag and a teaspoon. By using a spoon scratch a bit of the buildup from the surface of your tongue. However, the taken sample needs to be more detailed to your throat.

After that, you have to put the spoon in plastic bag so that it is nicely covered. Let it stand for 1 minute under strong, light bulb which will let the bacteria quickly to develop. Have in mind the fact that you will get better results if the light is more powerful.

Results from the 60 seconds test:

If your body is healthy, the deposit will remain clean. However, if you notice unusual odor and color, this may suggest an early symptom of a health issue in your intestines, hormones, kidneys, and respiratory tract. If you notice these changes you must seek an advice from your doctor and determine what the actual problem is.
Likewise, the test will tell you if you have foul breath, many people are not even aware of the fact that they have bad breath. Just smell your saliva, and if you have an odor similar to ammonia, this may suggest a kidney issue. If you have fruity smell, then this would mean a metabolic disarray or ketoacidosis.
Yet, you need to know that smell does not always indicate some disease in the crucial organs. Therefore, do not worry; it may only mean that you have some cavities and teeth issues.