Taking a Hot Bath is the Equivalent Calorie-Wise of a 30-Min Walk, New Study Claims

If having a hot bath is your thing, then you should know that by having one you are burning more calories than performing cardio, according to latest research. Hot soaks provide all that.

This conclusion was brought by a group of researchers at Loughborough University who wanted to find out about the effect of hot water on our body. For this study the participants were asked to take one-hour bath (104 degrees Fahrenheit), and after that ride a bicycle for an hour.

You may think that the riding of the bicycle will trigger higher burning of calories than having a hot bath, but it seems that is not the case. Researchers have found that taking a hot bath will burn 130 calories which equals a 30-minute walk. This passive heating of the body contributes to the occurrence of many benefits for the body.

According to a conducted 2015 study, released in the JAMA Internal Medicine, going to the sauna can help you in preventing the onset of various cardiovascular diseases.

Benefits of Having a Hot Bath

1. Improved circulation

Hot baths will better your circulation. But, if there is not enough time during the day for having a hot bath the consumption of a cup of hot tea will help too. The consumption of herbal teas brings many health benefits. For instance, ginger tea would be a great substitute for a bath, especially when combined with honey and lemon juice.

2. Alleviated breathing

If your nose is clogged, then the hot bath will unclog it. Its use will better the function of your lungs. The impact of the hot water will add pressure to the chest thus making the body to get more oxygen. In order to obtain best results, soak your chest deep in hot water.

3. Sinusitis

Colds and allergies can be very annoying, but the symptoms can be relieved by having a hot soak. Thanks to the influence of the hot steam the mucus will get loosened, and the presence of bath salts will provide even more benefits.

4. Better sleeping patterns

You have noticed how exhausted you feel after swimming; well experts from the Natural Sleep Medicine explain it as a result of the changes in the body temperature. They add that the same effect is reached by having hot soaks, too. Therefore, pour some lavender essential oil to your hot bath, enjoy it, and after that you will sleep like a baby.

5. Sore muscles

As per a publication released in Medical News Today, hot baths are great for patients dealing with chronic joint pain. But, not only for them, and for everyone, especially for the ones that need to recover after injuries. The effect of high temperatures will lower the tension and promote the blood flow thereby reducing lactic acid buildups.

You can upgrade your hot bath by adding essential oils, herbs, or anything else that suits you and that makes you feel good. Finish your day with a hot bath and enjoy the restful sleeping.