Taking a Trip with Your Girlfriends is Good for Your Mental Health, According to Study

If you are feeling down or desperately need a break from your hectic life, take a trip with your girlfriends and enhance your mental health. This is highly recommended by scientists.

Stress, depression, anxiety have become common notions in our lives and due to the overwork that we need to finish for the day we somehow have forgotten our closest friends with whom we had great time during college. According to a conducted study having a mini trip with your girlfriends will help you a lot in your stressful life. If you do not have time during the working days to see each other, the trip that you will have together will fill all the gaps and help you to reconnect to each other once again. This trip will be cure for your current woes and issues.

Meaningful friendships bring plenty of benefits in your life and positively affect several areas of your life, including mental health. 

Scientists have confirmed that good and meaningful friendships are of great essence in ensuring one’s health and happiness which cannot be offered with a family relationship.

According to the findings of several studies, the Psychologist William Chopik from Michigan State University stated the following: “Keeping a few really good friends around can make a world of difference for our health and well-being. So, it’s smart to invest in the friendships that make you happiest.”

However, when going on trip with friends you need to be sure that they are really your true friends as if that is not the case the trip will become stressful and tiring. Your friends need to bring out the best in you and thus offer great joy.

The right kind of friendships can reduce risks of heart disease, elevate life expectancy, and can even be of great help in developing a higher pain tolerance, according to a research released in Southern Living. Hence, spending a few days away with people you like can significantly boost your mental health and sanity.

Psychologists could determine the size of a person’s inner circle by measuring their tolerance towards pain. The conclusion was this: if a person is with a low tolerance of pain, then he or she is most likely to have the wrong kinds of people as friends. If you are not pleased with the current friendship you have with certain people, you should end it and try to look for something better.

It has been scientifically proven why we feel happier when we have friends. In 2016, researchers discovered that after a great day out with friends the levels of oxytocin are very high. Oxytocin is a feel-good hormone that is being produced in the body when you spent time with your true friends. This hormone is released whenever we feel joy that contributes to being more generous, trusting and even friendlier. Therefore, the more oxytocin is in your body, the better for you.

In addition to this, researchers in their studies have discovered that those people who are surrounded with many friends are less likely to be depressed. On the other hand, people who do not have friends are at higher risk of developing depression, cognitive decline and early death. If you want more meaningful and longer life, go out and find new friends that can make you happy and set your mind free.

Now, you may consider saying that this is easily said than done. Yes, establishing new friendships gets more difficult as we age, especially if you move in a new town which is full with strangers. But, psychologists maintain that you should not get easily discouraged and try the simplest method – good old fashioned conversation. You should set the new friendships at your workplace with the people you work every day or enroll a class and thus meet people that have similar interests with you.

You can start the conversation by asking simple questions like: how was your weekend, meanwhile explaining what you did during the weekend. This should not be a problem for you; small talk leads to more meaningful ones in time. But, be careful not to turn it into an interrogation, just offer in it something that is your personal experience. Showing an element of vulnerability should not be so scary as in order to establish a good friendship aside being a good listener you should be able to open up. However, the conversation should not be based on opening up about your tragedies in life, but simply revealing some aspects of your life indicating that you have been in the same situation as your friend. When the proper communication has been established and when there is trust and kinship, then you will have the ideal friends for having a short trip where you can freely unwind yourself.