Teen Invents Bra that Can Save Millions After Mom Nearly Dies of Breast Cancer

Julian Rois Cantu is a thirteen year old teenager whose mother was diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time. This was devastating news for him and for the whole family.

This was not the first time that this family fought with cancer, but in the end his mother had to perform a double mastectomy. This is how Julian recalls this event:

“The diagnosis came too late. My mother lost both of her breasts and almost her life.”

Due to his horrible experience, Julian was inspired to help women to detect breast cancer in the early stages. This is extremely crucial if we want to prevent cancer of further development thus evading the fatal consequences of this disease.

For that reason, Julian who is now 18 years old invented an “auto-exploration bra,” which can help millions of women. Namely, this brassiere contains 200 sensors which can detect early signs of breast cancer.

It needs to be worn only for one hour a week, and while wearing it, the sensors will map the surface of the breast and collect vital data such as temperature, blood flow, texture and color.

Afterwards, this information is transferred via Bluetooth to a computer or an application, and the final user may notice any peculiar changes.

This invention has won the first prize at the Global Student Entrepreneurship Awards.

When Julian was 17 years old managed to establish a company called Higia Technologies, with a purpose to use this ingenious invention, and hence prevent the occurrence of breast cancer and improve overall health.