Tesla Could Reveal ‘Million-Mile’ Battery as Soon as This Year

The electric vehicles are supposedly to be the future for our planet considering the fact that they are eco-friendly. But, what makes them still not so much present on the streets is their batteries. The batteries are very expensive and that is their greatest disadvantage why not so many people drive them.

Tesla engineers had been working very hard to find a cost-effective solution and they have managed the million-mile battery.

The Million-Mile Battery

This battery will make the electric cars more available to a larger number of people by dropping their price and people opting for them instead of gas-run vehicles. Another issue that prevented many people to buy it was the longevity of the battery, and the engineers worked on that too and made it to last longer.

The development of the million-mile battery was a team work of Tesla and an academic team of battery experts who were recruited by Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla.

Cobalt is an expensive metal that has been used in battery manufacturing, and because of that the prices of the electric cars were so high. However, the million-mile battery is built on colt-free or low-cobalt battery technology. A few additional chemicals, materials, and coating will be added that will prolong its longevity by lowering the stress building up within the battery.

The given name, the million-mile battery, means that it will run for millions of miles, according to the estimation of the engineers. Tesla plans to make more improvements on this battery after it has been released. Its success will contribute to better model with more storage capacity and better energy density and this would mean lower price for these batteries.

The million-mile battery is planned to get integrated into the luxury sedan, Model 3 of Tesla. The manufacturing of it and its sales will be in China, planned for late 2020, or early 2021.

Dropping the Price of Tesla Cars

Tesla is looking for solutions that will lower the cost of the production of the batteries and the team has come up with an idea of opening “Terafactories”. The cost of the production will go really down with these massive terafactories that in size will be 30 times bigger than the gigafactories.

Plus, this company focuses on recycling and recovering certain expensive metals such as the nickel, cobalt, and lithium. Furthermore, Tesla is using their affiliate Redwood Materials. The batteries will not get discarded immediately, but they will have a “second life” as applications for the Tesla electric vehicle batteries in grid storage systems. These systems were built in 2017 in South Australia.

The company has another goal and that is providing electricity to businesses and consumers, however they still work on it and there is no official release about this new venture.

Musk, the owner of Tesla stated that Tesla will hold a Battery Day this month when more details will be announced regarding the million-mile battery. Musk is hopeful about this new battery and intends to bring it to a higher level even to a point that would be not imaginable for many people.

 Tesla is focusing on bringing their eco products more reachable for the masses of people and when this comes we will for sure have a brighter future.