The Beauty in You

Relationships are part of our lives and some can be good and some bad. In the case of the latter ones, it is better to end them in time as toxic environment is not good for anyone.

Nonetheless, love is the triggering point in our lives making us better persons and offering more fulfilling life provided that is true love. True mature love is simple and pure without drama or turmoil in the relationship. On the other hand, the immature love is with all that unnecessary drama where the involved parties are more willing to have just a good story than a meaningful relationship.

In order for a relationship to be successful it cannot be based only on love, but both parties should share similar goals in life and show respect and understanding towards each other. These traits are common for a mature relationship that always has a bright future. Here are the differences of mature and immature relationships.

8 Things That Differ Mature from Immature Relationship

  1. The mature relationship is based on partners that are individually fully formed, and the immature one is with partners who seek to find the completeness in the current relationship.

  2. In a mature relationship you feel fulfilled and there is no feeling of emptiness unlike the immature one where you feel that you miss something.

  3. Nothing can break the bond of partners in a mature relationship, which is not the case with the immature relationship that can be easily broken by various outside factors.

  4. The partners in a mature relationship are having a strong and passionate bond and there is no need for extra thrill from the outside unlike the immature one.

  5. There is no need for validation of a mature relationship as it is based on comfort and trust. The immature relationship needs this validation all the time as it can get easily consumed by doubts and insecurity.

  6. Mature couples leave the past behind them and focus solely on the future tying to make their bond strong and long-lasting while in an immature relationship the exes can always be an issue.

  7. The timeline is not an issue for a mature couple and allow love to go by its own pace. The cultural norms are not an obstacle and thus not affect their decisions.

  8. There is no bickering texting in a mature relationship; if there is an ongoing problem the partners solve it face to face.

Conclusively, we can state that a healthy and strong relationship is founded on mature love which is not preconditioned by a motive or condition. It is based on trust, respect, patience and forgiveness. Contrary to this, in an immature relationship there is plenty of intolerance to mistakes, jealousy, fear, impatience, and insincerity.


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