The Largest Hole in the Arctic Ozone Layer is Now Closed

We are protected from the UV sun rays thanks to the ozone that is accountable for their absorption thus keeping us healthy. However, the ozone layer is being damaged for a long time from the many holes that have been created as a result of our activity and sometimes due to natural causes.

Fortunately, it seems that these holes close by themselves, namely one such hole that was located over the Arctic has closed up. This hole first formed in March and it was one of the largest ozone holes over the area, so being closed is a huge relief for many of us, especially knowing the fact that it closed by itself.

This hole is a result of natural cause and it is not related to any human activity according to Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service. The scientists of this service were monitoring the area and claim that the ozone hole appeared from something natural. For several weeks in March a strong polar vortex or a large low-pressure area created from swirling cold air. As a result of that the cold air got trapped in the North Pole that created high-altitude clouds thereby causing chemical reactions that stimulated the ozone to deplete once the sunlight returned.

The polar vortex started to break down and the air from the depleted and rich ozone layers has been mixing that contributed to the closing of the hole. The levels of ozone began to rise and the healing of the hole was initiated. This is great news in these difficult times knowing the fact that  in 1985 scientists discovered a hole above the South Pole’s ozone layer which resulted in enormous changes in aerosols and refrigerants. The possibility of self-healing process is something incredible.

In addition to this, the measures that were taken as part of the Montreal Protocol in 1987 showed positive results. These measures phased out the chemicals created by humans that were harmful to the ozone and once this was initiated the Antarctic ozone hole started to shrink. There have been several changes along with the variations in the Southern Hemisphere’s air pattern, which made for the hole to slowly start closing.

This is really good news for all of us, but still remains the fact that we need to do all that we can to reverse all the damage that we have done to our planet as Earth is the only home we have.