The More Coffee You Drink, The Longer You Live, Says Huge Research Report

What do you think, what is the most popular morning drink worldwide?

Well, for sure coffee, millions of people in the world cannot imagine starting their day without a cup of this dark beverage. But to many people it is still unclear the fact whether coffee is healthy or not, and if so how much we should drink of this magic liquid every day.

Regular intake of coffee can bring many health advantages, but due to the rich content of caffeine, it can become potentially addictive. 

Is coffee related to longevity?

There has been an ongoing debate for decades regarding the consumption of coffee and its connection with longevity and better health. It has been determined that coffee does bring good health and longer lifespan, however there has been a recent UK study that measured a factor that was never taken into consideration and that is caffeine metabolism.

Both researchers from the U.S. National Cancer Institute and Northwestern University carried out a study by using the data from the UK Biobank. The focus was on the measurement of mortality of over 500,000 subjects in a time period of 10 years related to the consumption of coffee.

The number of drank cups of coffee a day were analyzed in subjects, and also the potential effect modification by caffeine metabolism. In determining the effects of the coffee they set a “hazard ratio” in terms of health and lifespan.

A ratio of 1 suggested no visible effect of the coffee consumption, and a ratio of 0.5meant that the subjects had 50% less chances to die when compared to the coffee non-drinkers.

The drinkers of 1 to 8 cups of coffee a day gave the ratio in the range of 0.94 – 0.860, which meant that these coffee drinkers of any amount had 6% – 14% lower risk of death.

What really amazed most of the researchers was the fact that people who drank more than 8 cups of coffee during the day had the most positive results and that confirmed the importance of caffeine metabolism. Subjects with the higher caffeine “tolerance” metabolized caffeine quickly, so they needed more cups of coffee during the day that offered them better health and thus the lowest risk of death.

The findings of the researchers were released in JAMA Internal Medicine and summarized in Popular Science magazine, which revealed that people who drink plenty of coffee during the day live longer on average than the non-coffee drinkers. Plus, in term of risk of mortality these avid coffee drinkers live longer than the people who drink coffee moderately or sparsely.

Additionally, the results showed that drinking coffee can contribute to a 30% lower risk of Parkinson’s disease and 5% lower risk of heart disease.

Have in mind, only the consumption of plain coffee free of sugar, excessive cream and additives, can offer you long lifespan and good health.