The New “Beauty Trend” for 2020 – To Decorate Your Nails with Tiny Hands and Feet – Video

Social media had made boom in showing various inventions in terms of beauty, but sometimes the things that people post are creepy and bizarre. They would do anything to be scrolled down by offering shocking things and some of them are really unique but some of them are simply going too far.

Manicures and pedicures have been always checked presenting some new and interesting methods for nice looking nails, but this post outdid all of them. The video was posted by the highly visited Instagram account @nail_sunny, known for its unconventional and over-the-top manicures. Yet, this video caused many reactions among people. But, before saying anything else, let us explain the short tutorial video by a Russian Instagram nail artist.

The unconventional manicure is based on crafting the fingernails into small hands and feet which cannot be easily done, in fact it requires a lot of hard work or and precision.

For that purpose, the technician adheres fake nails to each nail molding them into the shape of feet. After that each foot nail is being painted in a flesh color, and for best finish, each foot gets its own pedicure.

The reactions from many users were “weird’, and “fearful”, and by all means “Why?!”

One of them commented the following:

 “This is worse than the bug nails but I’m kind of into it.”

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Feet nails ❤️ -yay or nay? Video by @edo_movs #nailsunnytutorial

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Other user wrote:

Really wish I wouldn’t have been eating/licking my finger when I decided to watch this.”

Probably, the best conclusion was from this user:

This isn’t a beauty trend — this is to see how social media influences & how people are foolish enough to believe it and go out & do it themselves.”

Nonetheless, it is still a matter of choice, and if you like it have that same manicures or pedicures.