The Smell of the Rain Reduces Stress and 7 Other Benefits of Walking in the Rain

You all have been listening the song “singing in the rain”, well that is how our body reacts to the sound of pouring rain. Many people like it as it soothes them, they also like the smell that appeases their nerves, and some find it very romantic.

You do not have to sing, just walk while raining and calm your mind and release all those suppressed thoughts and emotions.

Two Australian scientists in the sixties of the last century even named the scent of the rain, Petrichor. The scientific explanation for Petrichor is that it is a fragrance based on the  combination of chemicals released by soil-dwelling bacteria, then the release of oils from plants during dry spells take part and the created zone when lightning splits oxygen and nitrogen molecules turning into nitric oxide.

Therefore, rainy days can be very helpful when feeling blue or stressed, or simply enjoy them at the present moment and relax.

7 Benefits to Gain while Walking in the Rain

Aside the fact that it reduces the stress levels, it offers the following benefits:

  1. The air is cleaner and purified during raining as the droplets absorb the dust and microbes.
  2. The humidity in the air is high thus maintaining both skin and hair well moisturized. Plus, it is alkaline in nature which is another benefit for the skin and scalp.
  3. The performance of physical activities in a cold, rainy weather can burn more calories and fats than on a sunny day according to Japanese researchers.
  4. The scent of the rain refreshes the mind.
  5. If you need to be rebellious in order to do something, get the entire boost while raining.
  6. Walking in the rain is helpful when having problems allowing you to see them form a different perspective.
  7. Walks in the rain offer a better sense of space as not many people are outside allowing the emotions and thoughts to roam free, and run wild.

So, next time when it rains, go outside and reap all its benefits.