The Tremendous Benefits of Burning Bay Leaves in Your Home (Relieve Stress & Anxiety)

While cooking we add various herbs and among them are bay leaves that give that extra boost to our meals. Bay or laurel leaves offer that incredible taste and aroma to the dishes, but aside that benefit they can offer even more when your health is concerned.

This herb is well recognized as a potent detox agent cleansing your body form the build-up toxins and impurities. Furthermore, it has great ability to battle against infections, better heart health, and help with the breathing issues.

Bay leaves have been used traditionally for centuries in the treatment of various health conditions. In ancient times, the Greeks and Romans, kept bay leaves in their homes and burnt them inside their homes and places of worship for religious, and in some cases fantastical purposes.

In those times, the bay leaves were given as a synonym of victory and worship. Namely, in ancient Greece, Apollo often wore a bay laurel crown, and the victors at Pythian Games wore wreaths of bay leaves given by Apollo himself. The spiritual connotation of the bay leaves occurred when the father of the nymph Daphne transformed her into a bay laurel tree to hide her from Apollo, according to mythology.

Burning of Bay Leaves

This practice can offer many benefits and one of the beliefs is that it can efficiently cleanse the air from any existing negativity. Plus, when they burn, the bay leaves release a calming scent that relaxes the mind and muscles. The smoke of the bay leaves will not make you fall asleep immediately, but its inhaling will relieve stress, calm the entire body, sharpen the focus, and increase the alertness.

People report that the inhaling of the smoke released by the bay leaves brings them into a state of awareness and calmness, and relate it to more mindful meditation.

There is also a belief that writing a wish on a bay leave and burning it, will make your wish come true.

7 Other Uses of Bay Leaves

  1. This herb reveals powerful digestive features which can be used as well as externally by rubbing it on your stomach after having a meal. In addition to this, the intake of bay leaves will enhance the work of the body’s metabolism.
  2. These leaves are good in cases of sore joints as they have the ability to lower pain and tightness due to their anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. Hence rubbing a bay leaf essential oil on these parts will help with this issue.
  3. The intake of 3 grams of bay leaves on daily basis will reduce the overall glucose levels, according to one study, released by the Agricultural University in Peshawar Pakistan, and the Beltsville Human Nutrition Research Center,
  4. They have in their content caffeic acid that fortifies the capillary walls in the heart.
  5. Bay leaves will help in the treatment of sinus and breathing issues. Their inhaling will open the respiratory passages, and thus help with these health concerns. Plus, they can be used externally by rubbing them onto the problematic areas thereby treating asthma and allergies.
  6. Treat urinary infections by combining powdered laurel leaves with milk. Drink this mixture as remedy and treat these conditions.
  7. Deal with your dandruff issue by mixing laurel leaves with jojoba oil. Use the mixture onto the scalp, let it stand for an hour, and thus successfully eliminate it from your head.