There Are Bees that Sleep in Flowers and It’s as Cute as it Sounds

Bees are integral part of Nature, and are valuable link in the ecosystem of various plants and animals. The food we eat depends on the existence of bees, namely a third of the crops are actually being pollinated by bees. Thanks to them we are enjoying numerous fruits like oranges, apples, almonds, and so on.

You should not be scared of them as they are the protectors of Nature and our most important pollinators. Many people have become aware of this fact and start to appreciate these hard-working creatures more than before.

Photographers who take pictures of landscape and various plants are more than thankful when they capture an image that represents life in its best form.

Joe Neely is one of those photographers who had a privilege to take a picture of bees in their best form. After seeing these pictures we are more than sure that you will love these insects and if you had some form of phobia against insects it will be gone very soon.

Joe along with his fiancée Nicole took a walk intending to photograph poppy flowers. They were driving and decided to stop to take photos of some pink flowers. In the midst of these flowers there was an orange globe mallow plant where the bees were buzzing. But, Nicole noticed something unusual; inside the flowers there were bees that were not moving. Joe approached this particular flower and checked if they were alive when he found out to his greatest surprise that they were actually sleeping. There was another bee coming and when it realized that all the flowers were occupied, it crawled over to the open flower and joined the other bee. It acted like a drunken person that finally settled in a nice spot. Joe captured these images and posted his pictures online where many people shared them almost instantly.

A bee like diadasia diminuta has a habit to sleep a few hours in orange globe mallow. Not all bees have this habit, only a few species after finishing their job. The biologist Brandon Hopkins from the Washington State University explains that bees don’t have eyelids, but they also sleep, then they do not move their antenna and have a tendency to fall over sideways, just like a drunken person, amazing isn’t it?