There is a Festival in Nepal Every Year that Thanks Dogs for Being Our Friends

Dogs are our most precious pets, and they are mostly kept by people, and for the right reason. They are loyal always showing happiness whenever they see us, and revealing great benevolence trying to help us whenever they can. They are the man’s best friend that will even sacrifice its life for the well-being of his owner.

There is a Festival in Nepal Every Year that Thanks Dogs for Being Our Friends

They are the keepers of our houses warning us when some unexpected stranger comes at the front door. They are there always protecting us no matter what.

People all over the world appreciate the diligence and courage of dogs, but the people in Nepal have even picked a special day to thank dogs for their friendship and loyalty.

This festival is known as “Diwali”, or a “festival of lights”, and millions of Hindus attend it every year in autumn. In this festival there is a day dedicated to our four-legged companions named as Kukur Tihar or Kukur Puja. It lasts for five days, and the second day is the day for worshipping our favorite pets. On that day, dogs are being treated with special treats, and are being adorned with flower garlands.

Another specific thing about this day is that they are being marked with “tika” on their foreheads. Tika is a red powder mark signifying the secrecy of the dog. There are also displayed heart-warming images thus honoring the dogs.

Have in mind that this celebration is not only for home pets, but also for the stray dogs that receive the needed attention and are being cherished in the same way.

During this day they receive a regal treatment because they are considered to be the messengers of Yama, the Hindu god of death and by appreciating the dogs, the Nepal people are trying to appease the god.

Dogs are a part of their culture and they are mentioned in the Hindu text Mahabharata, in which Yudhishthira, the king of righteousness, refuses going to Heaven without his dog.