There is Scientific Evidence that Clutter Causes Stress & Anxiety

As human beings we are all different, someone can only function in clean and organized surrounding and someone can easily thrive in a cluttered environment.

Researchers have defined clutter as ‘a collection of things lying around in an untidy mass’, and although it represents only a physical condition of the things in your surroundings, they can also have a prominent effect on the mental wellbeing of a person. 

The researchers at the Princeton University Neuroscience Institute found out that living or working in a cluttered environment can greatly impede the ability to focus and process information thereby leading to stress and anxiety.

Clutter causes persistent stress to the mind as there are too many stimuli, making the senses to work overtime, drawing away the focus thus hampering the productivity and creativity. In such environment the mind cannot relax and fulfill the designated accomplishments. The mind is stressful and cannot release itself from the feeling of guilt and frustration.

As per the findings of the researchers one can clear up the mind by decluttering the surroundings. All that hoarding and holding onto things can cause the “clutter effect” that is manifested by stress and anxiety that could eventually lead to developing mental and emotional health issues. 

How to declutter your environment?

Here are some tips:

1. Organize your papers – Having a cluttered desk can be very disturbing preventing you from doing your job. Pile the papers and keep them in a drawer.

2. Declutter your place of living – Remove some of the things you do not use or need anymore. You can have a yard sale, donate old clothes, if they are fairly new give them to your friends, or just throw them away.

3. Make designated storage spaces – You should have designated spots for things you use every day such as hair products in the bathroom, work supplies in your desk, and so on.

4. Decorate your space – Make your living space more decorative and enjoy the new organization with new baskets, interesting cups, and stickers.

5. Cleaning can be fun – Getting your home cleaned and organized can be fun. When you start to sort out all the cluttered things involve your children in the process and make it a fun activity for all of you. You will quickly finish the job and they will also be satisfied that they have taken a part in some adult thing.

There are many products available on the market and you may want to have each one that you see, but before you intend to buy it ask yourself do you really need it. Buying randomly things only contribute to making the clutter bigger day by day. You can prevent having a cluttered home if you change the mindset and evaluate every single purchase.

There must be limits to the accumulation of possessions and when purchasing you should always consider the time you spent while buying them, the effort and the energy positioning them in your home.

Remember when doing a shopping to remind yourself whether you have enough space for that particular item or do you really need it.

Living in a clutter-free home can bring only benefits to you and mental well-being, so start with the decluttering and do it step by step and the results will be visible very soon. There is nothing better when you enjoy your stay in your home feeling free of all the unwanted things in your living area.