These 21 Women Who Ditched Hair Dye Are Inspiring People Everywhere to Rock Their Gray

You are standing in front of a mirror, and you spot your first gray hair, and you are feeling disturbed considering the fact that you are growing old. No need for such terrible thoughts as gray hair can appear in young people as well. It is not the worst thing that can happen to you in fact it is something nice representing a new cycle of life.

Here it is how C. JoyBell C. describes the beauty of having gray hair:

“I think gray hair is a gift from the moon! When the moon laughs, her eyes produce tears of joy that fall to the earth and onto the tops of people’s heads!”


It can happen for a young person to have gray hair and there are several causes for its appearance., The causes the hair to turn gray can be several and the main cause is when the melanocytes stop the production of melanin, the naturally-occurring pigment and that makes your hair gray. In some cases the naturally-occurring hydrogen peroxide accumulates in the hair follicles thus bleaching the hair color to gray.

When the melanin will stop its production is largely genetic. A normal graying process is considered when it starts in the thirties although the people of Africa and their descendants start to gray from their forties.

Premature Graying

Premature hair graying is when it occurs in the twenties; however it can happen even earlier like in the case of 26-year-old Martha Truslow Smith who got her first gray strand when she was 14 years old. Yet, she was not devastated about her situation, in fact she initiated a movement in 2016 releasing it on Instagram for making it a natural thing to have gray hair and not be ashamed of it. Her page named as Grombre inspired many followers all over the world to show their natural gray hair.

Currently there are more than 93,000 followers, but this number gets higher day by day.  The blog post released on TipHero shows 21 beautiful women showing their silver strands with great pride. These unique women decided to ditch hair coloring, which we all know how bothersome it can be, and show off their natural silver hair and enjoy their “moon drops”. One of these ladies even got married with her silver hair and she looked amazing.

Love yourself in every respect even when having gray hair like Martha Smith did and all the other ladies out there who appreciates their gray hair.

Here are the pictures of all these amazing women. Let us start with the founder of Grombre, Martha Smith.

Martha Smith with her chick gray hair!

Martha started this movement but it was quickly accepted by many women who supported the Grombre community. Their message is to wear your silver hair with pride no matter of the age. Each lady below wears proudly her own silver crown.

The beautiful bride with her shining silver hair!

This bold young woman showed her natural beauty even if it means gray strands in the hair. Nonetheless, she looked amazing and radiant.

Being pregnant with silver shine!

Silver Pride!

This beautiful girl had her first gray hairs since 13 years old. She got bothered of dyeing and opted for her natural silver gray. She is amazing and joined the Grombre community.

Proud mom with her daughter!

Wear it like a queen!

Curly hair with silver strands – amazing!

Moonlight drops all over your head!

Release the real you!

She was dyeing her hair for such a long time, and the hairdresser told her to be bold and drop all that dyeing. Silver hair is nothing to be ashamed of and since then she enjoys her real self.

More silver curls!

This lady with curly hair had the genes of premature hair graying. Bur, she accepted her heritage and enjoys every day of her life.

Unique and untamed beauty!

Kate has gray hair since her teenage days. The constant dyeing became a real hassle for her and she stopped it completely. She likes to refer to herself as the Rogue from X-Men, a girl with special powers. She enjoys her hair and wears it with great pride.

Make it long and enjoy your long silver strands!

Free yourself and be wild!

Here how long hair should look like!

Embrace the silver flow!

Susan also had her first gray hairs as a little girl at age of 11. She stopped the dyeing part at the age of 26 and ever since she wears it with great zeal and joy.

Become unique by being natural!

Wear your silver hair proudly – recommends Ann. She is enjoying her beautiful silver hair making her different from the other people.

Dash and beautiful silver strands!

Wild silver beauty!

Gray since very young age!

She became gray at a very early age, at 5 years old. But, no one pushed her to dyeing, in fact her parents made her to love it making her distinctive from the rest of the crowd.

Check the Instagram page and see how many women are enjoying their gray hair.