These Adorable Rare Orchids Look Just Like Monkeys

Nature is really amazing with all its greenery and extraordinary landscapes, but there is something to which people could never resist, the flowers. They have always been a symbol of love, innocence, purity, bravery, beauty, pride, etc. However, some of them are more recognized by people than others, like the orchids.

This flower is liked by millions of people all over the world and there are over 30,000 varieties of them. In this article we shall present you an orchid that in shape resembles the monkey due to its unique stamens and low petals.

The Monkey Orchid is the ideal flower for all animal and flower lovers. This orchid is native in the forests of Peru and southeastern Ecuador, and is recognized also by the name of Orchid Simia or Dracula Simia (monkey dragon). Due to its resemblance to the simians, Carlyle A. Lueren, a botanist named it like that in 1978.

Likewise, it releases a pleasant and refreshing scent resembling fresh oranges. This orchid blooms during any season, and at any time, and that is very extraordinary. Nonetheless, it thrives best in colder temperatures with high humidity and low light. These orchids can grow really big, up to 2 feet tall.

The Monkey Orchid grows about 2,000 feet above sea level, and there are 118 different varieties of the flower. It grows perfectly in South America, more specifically in Mexico, Central America, Colombia, Peru, and Ecuador, where 50% of the flower species grow.

The most popular orchid of this species is the Dracula amaliae and Dracula gigas showing the appearance of almost alike monkey face, but with a different color and shape.

How to grow Monkey Orchids at home?

This can be rather challenging, but it can be done, all you need to follow is these useful tips:

  • You should keep the soil moist at all times, so make sure that the plant container contains a drainage hole with a saucer under it. If you reside in a warmer area, then a 2- to 4-inch layer of mulch will be of great assistance in preventing moisture evaporation. Since it loves low light, ensure to position the container where there is moderate bright light, and by all means not direct sunlight.
  • Once your blossoms fade, pick them off and thus stimulate a fresh flush of flowers.

Your home will look amazing with these flowers and because of that they are worth the trouble.