These Animal Planters Keep Themselves Hydrated by Drinking from Their Little Water Bowls

In this hectic world we always need more time to do our chores and because of that certain aspects of our lives are neglected. One of them is taking care of the house plants which we all love to have at home.

Fortunately, there is a solution for almost everything in life.

Namely, the online retailer Firebox offers a line of practical and cute drinking animal planters, having the cutest designs of cat, dog, frog, and panda. These adorable ceramic planters take good care of your plants and always keep them well-hydrated. If you are worried about the size, they are not big and will fit your home perfectly; the measurements are about 7cm (W) x 7.5cm (H) x 10cm (D).

These planters having the shape of animals make them a nice décor item in your household. Moreover, they are interestingly modified having a super long realistic tongue resembling the reptilian Pokémon Lickitung. The tongue is connected to the soil and thus holds the plant on its back. The tongue soaks up the water and in this way waters the plant and it is brought directly to the soil thereby properly feeding the plant.

The ceramic critters come with a plant and make them even more adorable. The dog has clover plant perched atop its sweet little head, the cat has a wild strawberry plant, the panda has basil plant, and the frog has mint plant.

Pick the one that you most like and beautify your home, or if you like them all just make your own collection of animal planters with sweet-smelling miniature plants.

The Firebox website promotes these Peropon Drinking Animal Planters as self-sufficient that will provide you with the benefits of oxygen “without lifting a single digit”. Your plants will flourish thanks to the proper nourishment of the animal planters tongue.

Once you order it, in the box with the ceramic planter come soil, seeds, and water bowl. Fill the planter with soil, and then plant the seeds in it. Next, soak the tongue in the bowl of water, and leave the planter to do its job. The only thing that you need to do is to check once in a while the bowl with water and fill it with water when needed.

Put the self-sufficient animal planter in a place with enough sunlight. The ideal places would be a windowsill or a desk, and the planter will make your plants to grow healthy and beautiful.

This is a great way to have a flourishing plant in your home, and enjoy its beauty every day.