Here Are A Few Things That You Should And Shouldn’t Do In Case An Insect Goes Into Your Ear!

Most definitely you will feel disgusted once you think about insect getting stuck in your ear. What’s more intriguing is the fact what you should do in such situations. This type of situations often happen to children and it could be very dangerous.

The ear canal is very delicate area of the body and adults find it easier to distinguish whether you have something struck in it or not. On the other hand, children are not able to determine whether they have something stuck in their ear. Children aged 1-9 often experience this kind of problem because they learn about interesting objects, their body, and the environment.

Most of the children stuck different objects in their ears on their own, and this is due to the fact that they have habit of putting things in their ears such as cotton swabs, beads, beans, and small toys.

The same thing can happen once you get to sleep outside. Once you are outdoors insects could crawl or fly into the ear canal and it could cause serious pain.

In such situations you should remove the insect by using baby oil, olive oil, or mineral oil. You will need to pour few drops in order to float out the insect and eventually suffocating it. Make sure that the oil you will use to be warm, but not too hot. Also remember that you should use this oil only for insects and not objects.

Also in case the eardrums are perforated you shouldn’t use oil because it could cause serious ear pain, bleeding, and discharge. Once you pour the oil in the ear canal it could be straightened. Adults should pull the earlobe backwards and upwards, whereas children should pull backwards and downwards.

Another alternative to remove insects from your ear is alcohol. You will need to soak a cotton ball in alcohol and squeeze it in order to get few drops in your ear. Due to the strong smell of alcohol you will force the insect to get out. On the other hand this will help you disinfect the ear.

Be aware that this could be quite painful and sting. Also you could use bulb syringe and warm water in case you need to remove foreign object from the ear. Also take into consideration that this could help you only if the ear is not perforated or there is no ear tube.

Remember that in any of the scenarios mentioned above that you shouldn’t use tools such as match stick or cotton bud. The use of these tools could actually force the insect to get deeper in your ear and damage the eardrum and middle ear. Once the structure of the middle ear is damaged it could lead to serious health problems

Also you should be aware that your finger can’t help you get the object or insect from the ear. If you decide to stick the finger inside your ear you could force the insect to sting and could cause serious problems.

Earwax should be removed properly in order to prevent health problems. Earwax could lead to pain and hearing loss if it accumulates in the ear canal. This often happens as a result of the overuse of Q-tips. Many people think that Q-tips actually help them clean the ears whereas in fact it only pushes the wax and the skin cell particles deeper in the ear canal.

Finally, if you aren’t aware of the damage that could be caused by insect or object that has been stuck in your ear canal you should definitely talk to your physician.